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Something in the way (The Single Player) 8

And with the release of Battlefield 3, we can officially declare that the Great 2011 war of the shooters has begun. And already, those of us who thought we would be Switzerland to Battlefield's and Modern Warfare 3's Axis and Aliied powers have found themselves taking sides. Having played the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 3, I have arguably played the worst version of the game, but the main problem with the game is almost assuredly universal: the single player and co-op portions of the game ar...

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Disgusting isn't enough 0

The Binding of Isaac is the latest game from Edmund McMillen (the mind behind Super Meat Boy). It’s a strange Zelda/Roguelike hybrid with a distinctive, cartoonishly gruesome visual style. The setup, in concept, is disturbing and something right up my alley, and could have very well been a disturbing pyshcological trip through the mind of an abused child. Then I learned the game had been made start to finish in 4 months. And that it was 5 dollars. And I realized what the hell a roguelike actuall...

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Graphics do not a game make 0

Full disclosure: I never played Crysis or Crysis Warhead. I didn’t have a computer that could run them, or hell, run any modern game, back in 2007. But I was aware enough to respect Crysis for what it was: a sort of “Far Cry with super technology” gameplay experience that changed what everyone thought game graphics could be. What I mean to say is, it was pretty. So now Crysis 2 has come along, and a lot of the fans of the firstCrysis and its expansion have critisized it for its linearity, statin...

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Never bet on Duke 0

The long awaited Duke Nukem Forever has finally arrived, and has certainly been a rather polarizing game. It has garnered poor critical reception almost universally (with a few exceptions), but has a strong, vocal following of fans who claim that it is a fun, “just run around and shoot guys” sort of experience. Now, I hate to be blunt, but anyone who enjoyed this game has no standards or taste whatsoever. Duke Nukem Forever is a horrid game. It isn’t funny, it isn’t oldschool, it controls poorly...

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Do you see what I see? 0

   I was the only person in the world who thought that the original Portal was a decent but ultimately forgettable little puzzle game, apparently, because the majority of the gaming audience received the original Portal as though it was the second coming of Christ. Naturally, none of the raving about the second game made me the least bit excited for the return of Chell (the playable character) and GLaDOS. After about an hour, though, I was completely turned around. Portal 2 is a great game. It...

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Almost Incredible 0

       Before LA Noire was released, I was extremely skeptical. Good facial animation does not a game make, and prior to the game’s release, the good ol’ marketing team never showed much beyond that. But, my skepticism was completely unfounded. LA Noire is a triumph for storytelling in games, with some of the best voice acting I’ve ever heard in any game, ever. It transcends its episodic structure to tell a wonderfully crafted narrative, with characters that you will care about. Oh, and did I m...

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Not as good as hoped 1

        The Arrival is the last piece of Downloadable content for Bioware’s superb sci-fi epic Mass Effect 2. This DLC is second of the two that supposedly bridge the gap between ME2 and ME3, with the first being Lair of the Shadow Broker. Because this is essentially the last taste of Mass Effect most people will get until the final game is released, The Arrival has built up a fairly large amount of hype amongst dedicated fans. Does it live up to our high expectations? Eh, kinda.        Becaus...

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Fun singleplayer, Same multiplayer 0

        Call of Duty: Black Ops marks the third major Call of Duty that has been released by Treyarch (but technically their fifth COD game, including the abysmal Call of Duty 2: Big Red One and the Wii version of Modern Warfare). Treyarch has become somewhat notorious among some gamers, and some are quick to dismiss their games. Let me tell you right now: These people are stupid. Treyarch has created a great Call of Duty game. The single player is the best of any COD game that has been released...

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Believe it or not, the game has issues 0

        I must be playing a different Assassin’s Creed franchise than everyone else. I mean, this can’t possibly be the game that was a runner-up for game of the year on Giant Bomb and received positive reviews almost universally (even from Destructoid who gained infamy for giving Assassin’s Creed II a 4.5 out of 10). I’m going to be blunt about this: Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood is not a great game. Hell, I can barely consider it a decent game. Some interesting new mechanics, solid characters, ...

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