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Video Games and flea markets

Today was a beautiful day for visiting the flea market at the Meadowlands in New Jersey. It was probably around 50 degrees and sunny out, after many many cold wet days in New York and New Jersey. The girlfriend and me picked up coffee and egg sandwiches at the QuikChek on our way to the flea market. The coffee was free becuase the girlfriend had some coupons. She is the best. We got a good parking spot after the short drive to the Meadowlands. I think we arrived around 10:00AM. 
We went right to all the rows of people selling older stuff. Sometimes these vendors look like they just picked up their garage sale or estate sale and brought it to the flea market. There are also some specialty vendors among the used sellers, selling old stereo equipment, old vintage clothes, old knives and kitchenware and one or two hobbyist collectible vendors selling old video games, records and tapes, comic books and more. 
Walking around looking for old video games it was slim pickings at the beginning. We did not see much at first. So I kept my eyes open. There are always some vendors who do not know what they have. There was a gentleman who had various garage sale type items; old dinnerware, tools, home electronics and alot of old remote control cars. Sitting on a blanket were just two old NES games; Friday the 13th and R.C Pro AM. I guess he had the one game because he or someone was interested in R.C. cars. I checked out the games and the contacts were in good shape. I offered him $2, a dollar for each. He bawked and said $5 each. I asked if he could do any better and he would not budge on price, so I put them down on his blanket he had laid down on the ground and walked away. No sale for him.  
We walked on. Me and the girlfriend kept our eyes open for other vendors selling old video games. There are always people selling old Playstation and Playstaion 2 discs. They are always scratched and in the wrong cases. Sometimes we look, but typically we go through them real quick and move on. Today was another day like that. Then we came up on a man selling old toys, action figures and two SNES systems, but no games. Strange. A fex steps away was an older woman with some games and dols and other odd and ends, including some Genesis games. We went through the small bin of Genesis games and found Somic & Knuckles intact with the flip-top lock-on to connect the other Sonic game. She only wanted $1. Score!  
We walked on and eventually found one of the vendors selling lots of old video games. We looked through several of their bins of NES, SNES, N64 and Genesis games, then even had some old Atari 5200 carts mixed in. The girlfriend picked out Donkey Kong 64 and also found a perfect pristine copy of the original Metal Gear Solid that looked like it had never been played. I found a copy of Chu Chu Rocket among some Dreamcast and Playstation games. We decided on those games and offered a cheap amount, but the vendor was pretty savvy and asked for $25. Too much, so I asked for $20 and the woman working there agreed.  We walked around and didn't find much more, but made a good haul of games for onlyt $21. 
Has nyone else been doing any shopping of old games? 


Some more old games

Yesterday me and the girlfriend went to the flea market in New Jersey at the Meadowlands again. It was a nice crisp sunny day for the flea market. We went to straight to all the old dealers. There was anew vendor in the old section we had never seen before. There was a man with a small bullhorn contnually announcing "Come, check us out, check us out!" They had plenty of odl video games in bins; NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, XBox and Playstation. We went through the bins of old NES, SNES, Genesis and Nintendo games. We found F-Zero X, for the N64 Mega Bomber Man and Sonic 3D Blast for the Genesis. We were getting ready to pay and leave and then my girlfriend found Metal Slug: 1st Mission for the Neo Geo Pocket Color. Unfortunately they did not have any other NGPC games. The vendor were pretty friendly too. I hope they return to the flea market.


Pokemon days

Yesterday me and the girlfriend went to the local NJ mall that was hosting the Pokemon Black & White tour. The mall was super crowded with kids, teens and adults, some parents, some no, all there to check out all the Pokemon events. We met friends who have the coolest 10 year old in the   world. He knows all the new Pokemon's names. We had fun collecting the stamps in the Stamp Rally and we all walked away with some cool prizes; Pokemon styluses and the girlfriend got the Oschawott plush. She was pretty happy.
Then today I bought myself Pokemon White and the girlfriend was like "eh, who cares." When we got home she was watching me play, and we had to find her DS which we haven't seen in six months. She is now playing her old version of Diamond and we are thinking about going back out to buy her Pokemon Black. 


Another great old video game haul

New Years Day and another great video game haul at the local Meadowlands Flea Market here in New Jersey. There were very few vendars at the Flea Market and me and the girlfriend only went there on alast minute  lark. But sometimes few vendors and few people at the Flea Market can lead to finding some good stuff and that is what happened today. 
One of the vendors, an older Chinese Man, who looked like he picked up his garage sale and brought it to the Flea Market had a bunch of video game stuff laid out on the ground on tarps. He had an old GameCube, XBox and XBox 360. The thing that jumped out to me was a Sega Saturn with a GameShark, but he had no A//V cables or power cables. Unfortunately he wanted too much money for the Saturn. We went through some of the games he had setup around his tarp and decided to purchase Chrono Trigger for the Playstation (the CDs in good shape), F-Zero and Donkey Kong Country 2 for the SNES. The man asked for $20 and I knew that was too much, so i decided to haggle and got him down to $15 for all three games. Not a very bad haul at all, but he would not budge on the $20 he wanted for the Saturn with no cables, so we walked away from that.
We then walked around the rest of the Flea Market and found another man who was selling some games and old Guitar Hero items. The SNES games that this man had looked brand new, like they had not been played at all. Me and the girlfriend agreed on buying UniRacers (Alright!) and Kirby's Avalanche and the man was very nice and only asked $9 for the two games. I decided not to haggle and we walked away with two good games at a good price.The girlfriend likes Kirby and also likes the Puyo Puyo games, so this was a great find for her too. 
Not a bad haul at all for going to the Flea Market on a lark.


Got a Saturn again

This past weekend I picked up a Sega Saturn console again. I decided I wanted one again after all of my recent purchases of old systems; NES, SNES, Dreamcast, over the past year. I found a Saturn in good condidtion at the Meadowlands Flea Market in New Jersey. It is a large parking lot flea market where the Giants and the Jets play. I got it for just $10. It was on a vendor's table with an N64 and a whole lot of other flea market stuff; cell phone batteries, glassware, old tchokes and things. They threw in the Jurassic Park: The Lost World game with the console and the disc looks pretty scratched up. 
I am wondering what games I should look for and get. I remember playing Sega Ralley, Daytona, Virtua Cop, Fighters Megamix, Nights and bunch of other games the first time I had a Sega Saturn in the nineties. I wonder if I should get some of those games again, maybe Nights, that was a good games. I am not sure if the others would hold up. I would definitely like to get Saturn Bomberman again. That was an amazing ten player game. I think I also want to get Enemy Zero. I have always liked the WARP games and that game with its use of sound always interested me.


Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Demo, what do you think?

So, I downloaded the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit demo tonight and it is pretty good. It is short but I enjoyed it. Criterion and EA have given a taste of the game and a taste of the AutoLog feature they are talking about alot. in fact the AutoLog and your friends are a large part of the demo. To play the racer portion of the demo, not the cop part, you must have someone on your friend's list who has also downloaded and played the demo, interesting... 
I think it is a little inconvenient, but I do think it is unique and will probably help to reinforce to players the online features and friend challenges the game wil have. What do you think?
I downloaded it on the PS3. Anyone want to be my friend? My PSN ID is marmaladebrat, send me a friend request. Thanks!


GT5 Delayed again?!

Gran Turismo 5 is delayed again globally?! It must be nice to work at Polyphony Digital and get paid, even though they have not produced anything in five years. What a strange world we live in.

No old games, but looking forward to a new game or two...

This weekend there was no flea market at the NJ Meadowlands, so that also means that I did not buy any old used NES, SNES, Genesis or N64 games. I really enjoy buying then and playing the, but maybe it is good that I did not get anymore. I will sit down and play them now.; games like Blast Corps. and Diddy Kong Racing. 
But its all good because I am getting ready for Dead Rising 2 and then later in November Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. 

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