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Another great old video game haul

New Years Day and another great video game haul at the local Meadowlands Flea Market here in New Jersey. There were very few vendars at the Flea Market and me and the girlfriend only went there on alast minute  lark. But sometimes few vendors and few people at the Flea Market can lead to finding some good stuff and that is what happened today. 
One of the vendors, an older Chinese Man, who looked like he picked up his garage sale and brought it to the Flea Market had a bunch of video game stuff laid out on the ground on tarps. He had an old GameCube, XBox and XBox 360. The thing that jumped out to me was a Sega Saturn with a GameShark, but he had no A//V cables or power cables. Unfortunately he wanted too much money for the Saturn. We went through some of the games he had setup around his tarp and decided to purchase Chrono Trigger for the Playstation (the CDs in good shape), F-Zero and Donkey Kong Country 2 for the SNES. The man asked for $20 and I knew that was too much, so i decided to haggle and got him down to $15 for all three games. Not a very bad haul at all, but he would not budge on the $20 he wanted for the Saturn with no cables, so we walked away from that.
We then walked around the rest of the Flea Market and found another man who was selling some games and old Guitar Hero items. The SNES games that this man had looked brand new, like they had not been played at all. Me and the girlfriend agreed on buying UniRacers (Alright!) and Kirby's Avalanche and the man was very nice and only asked $9 for the two games. I decided not to haggle and we walked away with two good games at a good price.The girlfriend likes Kirby and also likes the Puyo Puyo games, so this was a great find for her too. 
Not a bad haul at all for going to the Flea Market on a lark.