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Some more old games

Yesterday me and the girlfriend went to the flea market in New Jersey at the Meadowlands again. It was a nice crisp sunny day for the flea market. We went to straight to all the old dealers. There was anew vendor in the old section we had never seen before. There was a man with a small bullhorn contnually announcing "Come, check us out, check us out!" They had plenty of odl video games in bins; NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, XBox and Playstation. We went through the bins of old NES, SNES, Genesis and Nintendo games. We found F-Zero X, for the N64 Mega Bomber Man and Sonic 3D Blast for the Genesis. We were getting ready to pay and leave and then my girlfriend found Metal Slug: 1st Mission for the Neo Geo Pocket Color. Unfortunately they did not have any other NGPC games. The vendor were pretty friendly too. I hope they return to the flea market.