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Best of 2009

Marmaladebrat: Best of 2009

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  • A very good old style game. I haven't played an old western syle RPG in a while. I was nice to play one once again and to play one that is this good. And on top of that it brings all the unique Bioware charm.

  • A great cinematic and engaging game. It kept me intrigued through out the whole game. I can not think of a bad moment.

  • This game was an enjoyable surprise. I liked the basic but intriguing leveling system. And a good story too. This is the beginnjing of the PS3 getting good games.

  • I missed out on all the origianl gaes that this game sget compared to, Castevania and Metroid. But now I understand what everyone was talking about. I kept playing and playing to get and see everything in the game.

  • A good sequel thta could have been a complete failure or great, but was still good. I enjoyed it once again.

  • Another game that made me want to play and play, it kept me coming back, and on top of all that I became a better driver while doing it.

  • A good combination of shooter that adds some RPG and looting elements. Wish I had more chances to play co-op.

  • This game almost makes me look forward to my commute...

  • This one kept me intrigued due to the storyline.

  • A great and fun time watser, just what a game needs to be sometimes.