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Consoles I have owned

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  • One of the first consoles I owned. There were other kids in the neighborhood who had Atari and Intellivision, so I wasn't upset at Mom and Dad for buying this console.

  • I had one of these as a kid and played some of the old text adventure games on it. I think my parents eventually got an Apple IIgs to replace it and we chcucked it. Regret that.

  • On May 31, 2010 I picked one of these up at the NJ Meadowlands (Giants Stadium) Flea Market. It was in pristine shape in its original box. The box was scuffed and scratched, but this was pretty unbeleivable. Just gotta get it hooked up amd tested.

  • I remember my father actually taught himself to program on this one. This is also where I played Scott Adams Secret Mission. I never finished it.

  • Was broken, now it is fixed. Got plenty of old games for this one.

  • I only recently got one of these on eBay in 2010 and now I have copies of Bonk's Adventure and Bonk's Revenge, both are good games. This is adarn good console. It should have caught on. I guess NEC and Hudson could not match Nintendo and Sega's marketing.

    Now to get the TurboDuo Attachment.

  • I never owned one of these. They actually came out when I was in college and I never caught on to it.

    I found one recently in 2009 in great shape with the Sega CD attachement and two game pads included. The CD drive still works which is real nice. The guy selling it at the Flea Market threw in Sonic CD too. A very nice haul.

  • I got one of these recently, 2009, with a almost brand new Genesis. The drive works great, no problems. My girlfriend has been playing and loves Sonic CD on it.

  • This was a recent find at a flea market... in perfect condition. The seller did not know what he had at all. It actually came with the manual too. Unfortunately the only game available at the flea market at the time was Sid Meir's CPU Bach.

  • I had one of these pretty early on in the console's life cycle in the US. I fondly remember playing 10 player Saturn Bomberman and Nights. This was another console that I eventually sold to a friend and then ended up regretting it. So I am out looking for one again at Flea Markets.

    I got one again on November 20, 2010, ten dollars at the flea market. Not bad at all. I think I am going to need to find Enemy Zero.

  • I had a very early model that could play US and Japanese games with the original disc swap and spring trick.

  • I had one of these with Wethrix, Diddy Kong Racing, Ocarina of Time, GoldenEye and a bunch of other games. I sold it to a friend. I have another one now with some of those old games and some that I never had originally; Blast Corps and Yoshi's Story for example.

  • I originally had a Japanese model and played a damn lot of games; Power Stone, Soul Blade, House of the Dead, Crazy Taxi, Virtua Fighter 3, Sega Bass Fishing, Sonic Adventure and on and on. I sold it to a friend and years later regretted it. I have a US model now and just bought D2, Seaman and got Crazy Taxi as a gift from my wife!

  • I had a very early serial number Japanese PS3 that I bought in Akihabara at the Japanese launch. There was even a key combination you could use to play US games and DVDs

  • This is probably the system that I have purchased the most games for ever.

  • I got one a Neo Geo Pocket Color at a Flea Market and now am looking for games on eBay for cheap. I picked up the SNK vs Capcom card collecting game on eBay for it. I wish the thing had a back light.

  • This little guy is my friend on the commute into NYC.

  • On May 31, 2010 I found one of these in nearly perfect condition at the NJ Meadowlands (Giants Stadium) Flea Market. It was just sitting there on a table and the gentleman selling it did not know what he had and was just selling it as CD player. Unfortunately, I now need to find a remote and a gamepad for it, but it works and the CD tray opens and closes. I know these things were known for having broken CD trays. Another good find!

  • Picked up a SNES this summer at the Meadowlands Flea Market. Twenty bucks, SNES, all the wires, one controller and a game. Not bad. Came right home and played some Super Mario World.

  • I picked up a Sega Master System on November 27, 2010 for only 12 dollars. These go for a bit more on eBay, so I was happy about it. I never owned a Master System. They came out when I was in collega and were popular after I was in college, both times when I did not have alot of extra cash. Now I have to keep my eyes open for games. I think I will be looking for the Alex Kidd games and Transbot.

  • I won a Nintendo 3DS from Square Enix at the last hour of PAX Easy 2012

  • Picked one up the day after the US launch at the New York Nintendo World Store. The benefits and the pitfalls of working in New York, the temptation was too high and I had to buy one.