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I think in general they just need to prep for it more - it feels like they just rush into deliberating with all category names and nominations in a rough half-formed draft. I remember making this post awhile back on this same topic that I more or less still agree with.

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No Man's Sky is one of those games that I look at when it first comes out and think "You know what, in a year this game might be pretty good." After all these updates I definitely feel like it's finally come close to what I had expectations of it being from the outset, so I'll absolutely pick it up now.

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Suikoden II being up there makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

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Microsoft and Ubisoft were the best by far I think, from the games to the presentation itself. I really like how the new Xbox looks and am really interested in buying one. Mario XCOM is my shock of the show and may be the main thing that gets me to get a Switch somehow.

I share this opinion more or less but instead voted Ubisoft by an edge. Both press conferences were very good, diverse shows, packed with games that were showed off in an informative yet snappy way. Microsoft didn't sell me much on a Scorpio, and I have my qualms with Ubisoft making everything an online playground, but in terms of how you put together a traditional press conference, I think they've really come close to perfecting that formula of presentation.

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I'm so over Sony's new style of context-less trailer-marathoning. It was passable last year when they had bigger, newer announcements, but this year the presentation in general was super underwhelming, and no amount of "but we have a nice light show, and some acrobats behind the screen, and a live orchestra!" can cover those faults.

Shadow of the Colossus is a good example of how their presentation only creates confusion for me more than excitement. Is it a remake? A sequel? When you have someone talking to briefly introduce or frame what you're about to see, you can know these things. Instead I'm just left bemused.

Why wasn't Undertale, Ni No Kuni, or Gran Turismo in the main show as opposed to the pre-show? Immediately after the show I thought to myself "Well, I guess that's the consequence of Sony trying to spread themselves out between E3, Gamescom, TGS, and the Playstation Experience" but there were still totally things they could've gotten more of to put up there. 2013-2015 Sony was aggressively showing off all kinds of games in their E3 pressers, and they've massively scaled things down for some reason I don't understand.

I really look forward to a Monster Hunter game with proper controls, but that's about the only thing that really grabbed my attention.

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I really want to love Ubisoft's games, but the way they're turning just about everything they touch into "seamless online open world!" always really puts me off. Let a single player thing be a single player thing. Skull & Bones looked really appealing to me right up until it became clear it was just going to be a multiplayer, loot box drenched, game-as-service, and I was pretty bummed out.

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It was a pretty solid, games-packed press conference overall. As someone who never owned an Xbox One, it doesn't make me want a One X at all, but it certainly makes me want an S. For my interests (which typically aren't as Western-focused as Microsoft usually is) they've finally made a really convincing case for their library of games overall.

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It looks absolutely gorgeous but that's where the entire thing stops for me. My heart sort of sank when it became "...and team up with your friends to take on the open world!" There are plenty of online open-world co-op multiplayer games to choose from, more still in the pipe, and for Bioware to make that kind of game their new flagship thing - I just feel like it means my interest in the Bioware of a decade ago is well and truly finished. I don't want every game to be Destiny.

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@a_cute_squirtle: I think part of the problem (to the extent that people think there is one, anyway) with the way combat works in P5 is that it feels so heavily concentrated. When a Palace heist is underway, your party is less inclined to hang out, so you're heavily incentivized to rush to the end of each dungeon in as few days as possible, even moreso than P4, so you can free up the rest of the calendar. This leads to a gameplay balance that is very stop and go. 20 days of story and character interaction and then slammed with 6 hours of dungeons, almost no in between unless you just like being in Mementos for some reason.

In a way, the battle and social life sections being so strongly separated is not a problem I felt P3 had, almost entirely due to Tartarus taking place at night. So you could totally hang out with people, pop in Tartarus for a little bit, or until the party got tired, and then pop back out. P5 in contrast is like 4 hours of dungeoning, then 4 hours of character interaction, with almost no in between. Personally I love the combat and have been greatly enjoying playing on Hard, but after thinking about it lately, I can see why some people would feel like the combat portions of P5 are more oppressive than they actually are.

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Throughout all of the Futaba stuff I never had the interpretation that it was in any way insensitive or bad. Her entire arc is initiated because of her desperately seeking out the Phantom Thieves for help. Futaba's social link is literally her making a self-improvement list of things that push her outside her comfort zone because she desperately wants to be a normal, functioning member of society. Obviously the gang carries her into situations that shake up her lifestyle, but this is what a lot of self improvement requires, and it's not really sinister at all. Everything about it is what she explicitly expresses she wants.

The predatory gay dudes though are absolutely the single greatest stain on what is otherwise such a (so far for me, at least - late October) progressive and boundary-pushing tale about fighting back against society's outdated and corrupt perceptions. It's a really sadly ironic thing that they fumbled sexuality so hard in this. I agree with @kestrelpi that it sucks that these games come so close, but almost seem afraid to say anything about sexuality. The first encounter with them in the Red Light District when they lightly tease Ryuji didn't irk me much - it was lame and over quickly so whatever. But the beach scene was just gross and it's just such a lame, insulting gag. The biggest reason it's such a bummer is because I know Atlus is capable of much better than that. To be so insightful on everything else and then drop all the way to that level is disappointing.