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With very hesitant steps forward, Final Fantasy seems lost. 1

If there's one word I feel like can sum up the way I viewed Final Fantasy XIII-2 as I played through it, that word would be "reactionary." It's predecessor is an intensely divisive game, and one I never felt very positive on myself, and throughout this game, it seemed designed to take to heart many of the criticisms lobbed at Final Fantasy XIII.  As if developing the game with a checklist, Square Enix managed to polish up, or categorically improve, many of XIII's fatal flaws. XIII-2 is most defi...

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Essential Survival Horror, but weird game and story mechanics. 0

It's hard to look back so many years, and criticize a game for the way it plays. Clock Tower was made for the PlayStation in 1997, and sitting comfortably in 2011, spoiled by games that control so much better, I've thought a great deal about how poorly I would've thought the game would play back as my 1997 self.  It's a problem I wrestled with the entire time I tried to think of how to review the game.  Clock Tower is a survival horror game in which you play as either Helen Maxwell or Jennifer S...

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Fable III will impress, despite the baffling design choices. 0

I spent alot of time trying to decide whether or not it's a good or bad thing that my biggest complaints about Fable III were almost entirely technical in origin. After completing my play-through of Fable III, I found myself having enjoyed what I considered to be the most refined and laudable story experience that the Fable series on the whole has given me yet, while feeling the game's confusing interface design decisions were holding back a series that is already known for it's "good, but not g...

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