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Triple-A games on DSiwear

Lets use our 'IMAGINATIONS' and look at what some DSiwear press releases would exist if Triple-A games were released on DSiwear.

List items

  • 800 DSi Points rated M <br>

    Do <u>YOU</u> know about the numbers? Alex Mason does, but he can't remember! <br>

    Help Alex remember what the numbers mean by remembering over 14 different missions! <br> Call of Duty: Black Ops is a fun filled adventure with a colorful cast of characters! <br> Play as the brooding Reznov, or the cool agent Hudson! <br> Tons of unlockable extras will have you shouting "what do the fucking numbers mean!" in no time!

  • 1000 DSi points, Rated M <br>

    Marcus Fenix is having a tough day! <br> Scary aliens have attacked his planet, and <br> Its up to him and his buddies- Dominic, Cole, Baird, Kim and Carmine- to find the <br> mapping device and save the planet! Shine a light on the Kryll to scare them away! <br> Use the Hammer of Dawn to give those pesky Locusts a "sunny" surprise! The game features the ability to use the stylus to drag your finger up to your ear.

  • 60000 DSi points, Rated M <br>

    "Heck! It is about dang time!" This is the sequel to the award winning strategy game, Starcraft. As Raynor, command your armies of "terrains" to fight against the blue aliens <u>and</U> the red aliens! Make the right choices, and sometimes the blue aliens will even help you! Help Raynor find out the "Blade Queen's" secret identity, and keep earth safe from the scary alien invasions! Connect with friends over over Wifi, and fight each other using either the "Terrains", "Zergs" or "Protoss!"

  • 50000 DSi Points, Rated E 10 <br>

    How much do you know about history!? Sid Meier knows a lot, and he's sharing it with you in the sequel to Civilization: Revolution! Build a city to expand your territory. Use calvary to explore the world around you! Meet other civilizations, and enjoy their goofy leaders. Airplanes and cars are invented in the 1900s!