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Platforms of Martin

This is the stuff that I own.

List items

  • Bought yet another Xbox 360. I got this one early June 2010.

  • Bought mid May 2010 since... I just had to own one.

  • Bought this one 23rd of November, 2009. Lovely gaming platform!

  • Added to my entertainment collection in February 2009.

    I really like it, I don't know why I haven't bought one earlier...

  • I just had to add this to my list because I have built my own arcade cabinet.

  • Cannot remember the date that I bought this on, but I would guess i was late 2008.

  • The lovely GameCube from our beloved Nintendo. This little thing is so damn cheap and has a pretty nice arsenal of games.

  • Playstation 2. Not much to say, it used to kick ass when I bought it and it still does.

  • The Nintendo Entertainment System. This was the very first entertainment system that I owned, my parents bought for me back when I still was tiny :-)