GOTY 2016

List items

  • A game I continue to play every day, It got me back into playing competitive multiplayer shooters after years of not playing any.

  • What can I say, i'm a souls fiend. This was also a helluva lot better than Dark Souls 2, so it's high on my list.

  • loved the first visual novel, but this one also tells a really complex and intriguing story. Had me in tears in a few spots.

  • Good ending to an action packed franchise, i'm glad I played this series all the way through to the end.

  • I got hooked again, Legion was very good for a WoW expansion and had me logging every day for a chance at a legendary.

  • My most anticipated game ever, didn't quite live up to "my" expectations but I still had fun with it.

  • I love SRPG's and this is the only one that came out this year that tickled my fancy, I ended up buying birthright and revelations.

  • was alot more fun than I expected, resembled sort of an offshoot persona game.

  • that single player campaign, it's really good for a FPS.

  • I'll be honest, i didn't play this game this year, but i've seen many people on playing it from beginning to end. It looked pretty fun from what I saw and If you can get that much entertainment just from watching someone else play it, then it must be good right?