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So Bravely Default? A first blog attempt?

So, I should first preface this by saying I feel I've put my time in this. This game, granted I went into it completely blind, is utterly baffling to me. I'm currently on my third dungeon play-through which I'd argue is at least two times more then a RPG should ever have and I've heard people lament other games for repeating areas over and completely writing them off as terrible which I'll get to later. But, from all the love I hear from this game I decided to check it out despite my previous distaste for Final Fantasy-esque games. I just seemed to be utterly baffled about story, characters, voice acting, needless time sink, and whatever may come to mind while writing this.

I guess, before someone reads the prattling of an anonymous internet stranger I'll explain my background with JRPG's. I've played them since I first could read. Starting with the often forgotten Phantasy Star on the Master System and have continued playing through PS1-4, played what at the time was considered Final Fantasy 1-3, Shinning Force series, Grandia series, Tales of, Mana series, and many other such JRPG games. I've never really enjoyed the Final Fantasy series but I do consider FF9 to be the best of them though I've never played 11, 12, 13-2 or 3, or 14.

First is the story. Why should I care when the game doesn't seem to care? So as I stated I'm on the third dungeon tour through the game which means I've reawakened the four crystals and I've reawakened them 11 times . The main goal in the game is to reawaken the four main crystal to restore the land so how can I restore 4 crystals up to 11 times? Well... unless I'm doing something wrong which considering how linear many JRPG's are I think I can scratch that out. Every time you reawaken the 4 crystals a pillar of light shows up and after two supposed failed attempts the game reverts to the Very Beginning of the game and seems to shrug it's shoulders and figures let's go through it All Over Again. Why? Because... uh... reasons? Which leads me to Story and Characters.

Am I the villain? In my mind it certainly seems so. I can't say for sure but, the amount of people in the that game have told the main cast that reawakening the crystal is a fairly bad idea and will lead to the destruction of this world. So, with that knowledge our stalwart "Heroes" shrug it off as inane ramblings and continue to murder their way through. Even patricide is seems to be in considering I've tried it 3 times. Friends the cast have grown up and considered friends? Nope gotta wipe them out because Agnes and her little fairy friend said so? Exactly why should listen to these two when both attempts before lead to failure? But, nope our way must be right! And, if you don't agree well... we'll just kill you for the third time! So, Agnes and her fairy are pretty unappealing characters which leads to Tiz, Edea, and Ringabel. Tiz our hero burdened with rebuilding his entire hometown (which thankfully your progress doesn't revert during every story wipe) has good intentions but no will of his own. From his first meeting with Agnes he just goes with whatever she says. Edea betrays her family, friends, and way of life because of some an ass of a black mage and that's enough for her. Ringabel is the go to leech of the group who suffers from amnesia but, hey at least it isn't the main character with amnesia this time. Just the one of the main cast. At least his other self seems to be on the right side. Well I'll see how it turns out in the end. Whoever voices Airy (get it she's a fAIRY) seems to be stuck with cute, shrill, high-pitched voice that grates the ears every time.

So the Needless Time Sink... This is based on Tizs' wrecked town that he and he alone is entrusted on rebuilding. Granted you can speed this process up by having friend codes to double up on the work but it seems like a free-to-play money grab without the transactions? I'll give them credit for not charging money to speed up the process to build his town. Granted the only incentive to do this is for your crew to gain items, abilities, weapons, and armor. Though, why when most games of this genre left that up to actually experience gains or item pick-ups? It seems arbitrary to wipe out a town for this reason...

Granted I went into to this game blind and hearing all the praise for this game but it left me wondering if anyone who actually praised this actually reawakened the original 4 crystals and stopped there. I realize this is my opinion and I'll probably trudge through till the end, well, that is if I don't need to reawaken the crystals another 12 times. So despite my ramblings and first Blog(?) I'm sure some enjoy this, I'm just more curious as to why?