Rock Band 3 Wish List: The Top Five Changes I would Like to See..

Well, it's down to exactly 24 days until Harmonix unleashes what I consider will probably be the best music game we've all ever played, and I am probably eagarly anticipating the release of Rock Band 3 more then any other game this year, sans Castlevania.  With that all being said, I have a wish list of things that I would like to see done in Rock Band 3, I mean, after all Rock Band 2 is my most played game of the last two years, in which I'm pretty sure I've put in upwards of three hundred hours into that game.  So I know a thing or two about Rock Band.  I've also played my fair share of other rhythm games, and although Rock Band is the one I always come back to, I can't help but see some things that have been done correctly in that other little franchise known as Guitar Hero.  Some of these have already been addressed, and I will mark the ones that have been addressed.
1. Bring back character selection for quickplay! Sure, you can pick and choose your character in regular band quickplay, but when you play solo in RB2, you have to play as a random default character, and that's no fun.  I've been rocking "The Joker" since the RB1 days, and I prefer to use him and anyone else in my mighty legion of rock band rockstars, not the random generated characters.  It's something that was allowed in RB1 but shyed away from in RB2.  
2. Allow singers to also play an instrument: Guitar Hero has been doing this for a few games now.  Perhaps my badass rocker should be allowed to be the lead singer and the main guitarist, or why not have a Phil Collins type drummer?  How bought the craziness of having a keyboardist be the singer too?  All these possibilites are awesome, and I've seen it done partially in the Guitar Hero series, so why not bring that over? 
3. A more diverse way to scroll through your music library +: This has been addressed, but perhaps one of my biggest problems with RB2 is that I always forget the new songs I've bought after a few days.  I mean, yeah, I buy a lot of dlc, and I don't always get to play it the same day I buy it.  I hate loading up RB2 and then being all : "shit, what did I buy now?".  I noticed in a recent article that this has been addressed, so I highly look forward to that improvement over the original game.
4. A countdown timer after you pause a song. I've noticed this option floating around in a few GH games now.  When you pause a song because your getting a phone call or something, if you un pause in RB, you are instantly back in your song, and you have the high possibility of loosing your streak.  Not in GH.  I'd like to see this option implenmented in RB3.  
5.  Less Metal DLC: Look, I'm all for some metal, but if there's one genre of music that there is an absurd abundance of in RB, it's metal.  Do we really need ten "All That Remains" songs or a whole "Pentra" album?  No.  I'd like to see some more classic rock,  and some more variety instead of the usual, every two weeks, three to six more metal songs are being added.  The game is called Rock Band after all, not "Metal Band". 
So those are my five things...anyone got anything they'd like to add?


DLC Maps In Popular Games...They Need to Be Done Correctly.

Alright, so here's my problem.  A week ago a friend of mine broke down and purchased the last Halo map pack that he was missing because over the course of the last few weeks, Halo 3's server's have switched over to require all dlc maps (the only exception of this being Social Slayer).  While this is great and all, the main problem that I have with this is: none of these maps that he just purchased are ever used.  We still get all the free maps we already have, or the ones on the disc.  But hardly ever do any of the mythic maps come up in a play list, unless you are playing "Team Mythic".  
I understand it's a thing with those that control the servers for these games.  I mean, you can't expect everyone to adapt and purchase the new content right away.  But still, these are maps that I want to play, yet I hardly ever play them. 
Now on the other end of this, we have Modern Warfare 2.  I love Call of Duty, don't get me wrong, but when I saw that Activision was going to start making gamers pay $15 dollars for new maps, i said no. I mean, it's not fair to up the price when you are getting two more maps that were in the previous game.  It's just not worth the price.  So, unlike Halo 3, I haven't bought the new Modern Warfare 2 maps.  Perhaps one day when they drop in price I will, but I don't see myself doing that any time soon.
I guess my thing is, does anyone here want to see these maps get used more and is it even possible for them to do that?  Or is it just going to become something of "blind luck" when playing these games in matchmaking, that you come across these maps?

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