RIP Ryan Davis 1979 - 2013

I would never have thought that a person I've never met and doesn't have a clue who I am could make me feel so sad. I used to laugh at people when they'd cry over their favourite celebrities dying. Thinking "You didn't even know the person. How daft!" But after hearing that internet celebrity Ryan Davis had sadly passed away, my heart sank. What made it worse was only a few days ago I was looking at his twitter feed of him with his lovely new wife having a ball at his wedding.

I've been following Ryan since the old Gamespot days, either in the form writing, video, or podcast. Always there to keep me entertained when I was bored or needed cheering up. It was far too soon for him to leave, but he has accomplished doing what he loved the most - playing vidja games with his friends, filling the internet full of joy, and getting to marry the love of his life.

My condolences to all his family, friends and my fellow bombers, he will be truly missed.

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