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Oi Zell! Whatcha been up toooooooooo!?

Not muccccchhhhhh. Same old same old, right? 
I bought that Splinter Cell game. That's pretty good, but I wish I could be sneakier in the campaign. It's pretty impossible to go through a level without having to fight some dudes. Though I'm still planning to play some more, I played a good fifty or so hours during that first week I had it.
I've been playing God of War III again. I like how things stay consistent from the first couple games that I also beat recently on the collection disc. Kratos is kind of a dick, but it's all good. I like a character who's just an asshole, and doesn't give a damn. He has a goal, and nobody stands in his way, I can respect his methods. Plus it's pretty awesome, but he puzzles can get on my nerves. I feel like the game devs found out the fastest anyone could complete a puzzle, and added three seconds to the time limit. ;__;
Oh, and speaking of game devs, back to Conviction we go! Realistic really makes you realize some inherent game flaws, like the hardest difficulty often does for many games. It makes you realize how flawed some game design is, and really draws you out of the experience to yell in your face, "YOU'RE PLAYING A GAME! MWUAHAHAHA!"
I purchased After Burner Climax after watching the Quick Look and trying the demo. That games really sweet, and I got all the achievements in about three hours, but you can definitely get if faster if you know what you're doing. The EX options can totally break that game; whether it's making it extremely easy, so the game pretty much plays itself, or so hard that one shot will take you out, and enemies crap all over you. Regardless of what you choose, this game is just fun. Turn that speed up to max at the very least, and climax all over those enemy pilots!
My birthday is on May 7th. I'm finding that I'm more excited for the Reach Beta. Oh, and I'll be nineteen by the wayyyyyy. 
Lately I've been feening for a PSP. I made a list of games I want to buy, but Lies and Mac are all like, "NOOOOOOO." I don't want to wait til June, but I really don't have much of a choice anyway. Dunno what I want from Sony at E3 this year--in a way I want a new PSP announcement, but then I fear what it might consist of, and don't really want to wait even longer to get to play Disgaea 2 (oh, and all those other games on my list =3).
GrantDaNasty asked me a little while back if I was really the Master of Penguins, and I told him that I might post my, "origin story." We'll have to see, but I might start posting parts of it here.


BLOG 2/9/2010

With the Winter term almost over, I thought I'd write a blog!

  • I bought Bad Company 2 and played it some. That campaign was disappointing. I really loved the first games single player and really felt a disconnect from the characters, unless I stood still for several minutes to hear the dialogue. It really just didn't feel as good as the first games single player. I've seen a few people compare it to MW2's campaign, which I think was much better. And the snide remarks that were made at MW2 was just petty, and made me sad that someone seriously put that into the game.
  • On the other hand, I really like the multiplayer. I'll play it along with MW2, but it really requires a different mindset, so I don't find them too comparable. I'm having a lot of fun with the Medic and Recon classes, though I'm pretty terrible at it, I don't really care. I have fun when I get kills and destroy things, or just screw around. It's nice to have a game where I couldn't really care less about my K/D.
  • Got that Borderlands DLC. Beat Crawmerrax (however you spell it) a few times with some friends, and Dudedwag sure loves to solo it. It allows us to boost our other characters pretty easily. No Pearl weapons yet though. Oh, and I really liked the DLC, good stuff.
  • Ordered SoulSilver and God of War III for a total of around $67. =] I got $5 off for buying God of War Collection, and $20 off for pre-ordering and buying BC2. Pretty awesome. And God of War III is giving me another $10 off a future video game purchase.
  • Speaking of God of War, WTF. I finally beat God of War after around 9 hours, with probably a good hour or so sitting in menus. Regardless, that final boss fight was pretty dumb. Don't teach me to use a weapon throughout the entire game, and then take it away, along with all of my combos right at the end. But whatever, I turned it down to easy and beat after about thirty minutes of getting destroyed. I now need to play through God of War II before III comes out and is delivered to my house thanks to true god (AMAZON!!!).
  • I'm actually really looking forward to SoulSilver, even a bit more than God of War III.
That is all! I forgot all the other things I was going to write because I forgot I was writing this blog for about an hour.

BLOG 2/16/09

Quick blog!

  • I watched that Darwinia+ quick look and bought it once it was release last week. That game is a really good and fun RTS with a surprisingly heartfelt story. I'm generally extremely desensitized to.... well everything! But watching those little guys so happy, care free, naive, like children! Then you get to a certain point where you realized that some bad stuff is happening to the souls being reborn, and it's like seeing someone beating up a child! I can't explain it but this game was definitely worth the 1200 MS points. GOTY.
  • Fieldrunners for DSi. Fffffuuuuuuuuu. I can't make it past wave 200 on Grasslands Extended. Cool $5 game though.
  • Bought Darksiders and God of War Collection. Darksiders is only $43 on Amazon, which is a steal IMO. I'm near the end of it and I really like it. Some of those boss fights were kinda ridiculously annoying but whatever. God of War collection I've only played a little bit of. Just an hour or so of God of War 1 but I like it. Which is good because buying it through Amazon got me $5 off God of War 3. And if I pre order God of War 3 from Amazon, and buy it, that will net me another $10 off another game I buy. Jesus Amazon is ridiculously addicting with their deals. 
  • Liez made me order HALO 2 because he's a terrible person. That should be here Thursday so I guess I'm gonna be forced to play that with him until April. ;__; Really, if anyone wants to save me from this, be my guest.
  • Thanks to Mass Effect 2, I can't seem to catch up on podcasts. I'm in the 20's still. I need to sit down and watch those Co-Ops one of these days...
  • Speaking of Mass Effect 2, I got to the final boss on Insanity and that games kinda broken on that difficulty....
  • Oh, and I had a dream involving Darwinians and that final Mass Effect 2 level where an enemy kept laughing at me because I couldn't beat the level, and Miranda somehow didn't have a shirt on after a while, and was going around shooting bad guys with only here pants and bra on. Then she transformed into someone much more attractive, and real, at some point, and we both had Darwinians as tatoos on our arm. I know. WTF....


If you don't know, you soon will that I love a good troll. Especially when the ones getting trolled don't realize it. It's a fantastic event to witness. As long as someone ends up vehemently angry I approve, even if the trolling wasn't particularly good.
And as I can't post this on the forums, I shall show it here. Hope you enjoy.



I don't know what to title these things anymore. And as they rarely get read, who cares. But I felt like writing something so here goes, whatever comes to my head!

  • So I beat Borderlands on mah 360, and almost beat it twice but I was so done with that game by the time I reached 50 I just stopped. Glad to have all the achievements but I've played like 70 hours of it so I'm kinda tired. But I do keep having the urge to go back and play my Siren and find my Hunter better guns.
  • I got a couple Splosion Man awards which is cool so my avatar is now wearing a Splosion Man shirt and, well, I'd do him.... Anyway it said I got a sweater too but I can't find it. And since it's getting to that cold season I'd really like to find it so he doesn't die of Frostbite. I guess I'll just have to keep him away from them Battlefield games then... HAHAHAHAHA.........
  • Speaking of Battelfied, WTF 1943!? Why does your site and EA's totally suck. You finally fix the soldier pages but I can find no way to sync my game with the site so I can see my soldiers stats. I really just want to know how many more games I have to play for the Tour of Duty II achievement so I can finally have that game S ranked and complete.
  • On another note, it really irritates me that Bad Company 2 is going to have weapons and stuff that are for only those who buy the higher edition or w/e... WTF... apparently the first game did this too but I only picked that up in September. I really liked the campaign and it made me laugh a lot.
  • Demon's Souls is having this Halloween even thing today, but I can't bring myself to play it. Apparently there will be good things for those who do but I just don't want to die anymore right now. I really want to jump back into that game, but with MW2 coming out I just can't bring myself to play it for the next week and then drop it.
  • Oh and MW2..... I'm so tired of all these topics. I really wish it could just be banned from the forums. Not so much for the spoilers, but for the speculation. Everyone's wondering things that they couldn't possibly know until the game comes out. And apparently there have been like 25,000 pirated copies so far.... I want the game, but I don't want it that bad.... Alright, well maybe I do, but I'm not gonna pirate it. I'm getting worried about all this stuff that's being said though. I feel that if we didn't know about things like the tactical nuke, and the opening sequence, it wouldn't mean as much when we actually get our hands on the game and learn what it all really means, and are truly impacted by the games campaign. Gamers seem so into finding everything out about the game, which is often times a bad thing. It soils their views on it before it even comes out. I have no problem with being an informed consumer, but there is a limit.
  • I've also been trying to play Dead Space but that game freaks me out. I always think somethings gonna get me from behind. I'm slowly going through it though, a chapter at a time.
  • My Mario Hat arrived today from Club Nintendo, with no sign of the calendar. I'm guessing it's in the actual mail, as the hat came in a package. I can't really fit it on my head either, though it's really soft and I'm glad I chose it over the Punch Out!! game I would never play.
  • Downloaded Trine and really like it, but it's kinda hard. ;___; Was playing earlier and I really needed a checkpoint.... I also just can't get used to the controls, as I have to use the same buttons to do different things depending on the character, and it's throwing me off...
  • Downloaded a game called Mushroom Wars too. That games kinda brutally hard on Easy. I think it just wants me to be more aggressive... Also--it makes me want to play Advance Wars....
  • Oh and schoooooooool suckssssss... Man I just really hate math. It's so useless, why am I learning things that I'm never going to use. I would never accept a career path that made me use algebra or trig... It's just not logical that I'm forced to learn this crap.
  • But my writing class is cool. I was able to do a review for an assignment, for which I attempted to beat Demon's Souls but found myself having trouble with the later bosses, after flying by the earlier ones. This next week I have a contrast and compare two similar things. I chose Disgaea DS and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2. None of my classmates know what the hell I'm talking about, but my teacher is only grading on grammar and punctuation.
Alright, well that's all.... I'm gonna go watch TV and maybe play some Advance Wars now. Lol, almost typed Advance WarTs lololol................
-- THE MASTER OF PENGUINS.... (big build up....drum roll....)... ZELL!
OK but really I'm done now.

Hackers and Sneaks Ruining Announcements

This has been happening for quite some time now, great surprises have been ruined through illicit means. Over and over we see trailers and game footage, screenshots, whatever, leaked online. We end up learning of these bombshells before the company even has a chance. Not only is it unfair to the company, but it's a bit unfair to the enthusiasts who end up speculating about it. 
Though you speculate about the announcement for a while, and eventually come to accept that it's could be true, when it's finally announced, you're able to criticize it more than you would if it took you by utter surprise. You're almost immediately able to see the items faults and think more analytically of the footage, screens, etc.
So when these things are shown early, does it fully ruin the announcement? Would you rather be taken by total surprise like you were when you were younger, or even a few years ago, when you saw some great trailer that you had no idea was coming? Or do you somewhat enjoy the leaks, because it helps stave excitement that may blind you from faulting the game?
And of course, there are still announcements, that do take us by surprise, but there are just as many, if not more that are spoiled before the company plans to show the finished item.

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