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BLOG 2/16/09

Quick blog!

  • I watched that Darwinia+ quick look and bought it once it was release last week. That game is a really good and fun RTS with a surprisingly heartfelt story. I'm generally extremely desensitized to.... well everything! But watching those little guys so happy, care free, naive, like children! Then you get to a certain point where you realized that some bad stuff is happening to the souls being reborn, and it's like seeing someone beating up a child! I can't explain it but this game was definitely worth the 1200 MS points. GOTY.
  • Fieldrunners for DSi. Fffffuuuuuuuuu. I can't make it past wave 200 on Grasslands Extended. Cool $5 game though.
  • Bought Darksiders and God of War Collection. Darksiders is only $43 on Amazon, which is a steal IMO. I'm near the end of it and I really like it. Some of those boss fights were kinda ridiculously annoying but whatever. God of War collection I've only played a little bit of. Just an hour or so of God of War 1 but I like it. Which is good because buying it through Amazon got me $5 off God of War 3. And if I pre order God of War 3 from Amazon, and buy it, that will net me another $10 off another game I buy. Jesus Amazon is ridiculously addicting with their deals. 
  • Liez made me order HALO 2 because he's a terrible person. That should be here Thursday so I guess I'm gonna be forced to play that with him until April. ;__; Really, if anyone wants to save me from this, be my guest.
  • Thanks to Mass Effect 2, I can't seem to catch up on podcasts. I'm in the 20's still. I need to sit down and watch those Co-Ops one of these days...
  • Speaking of Mass Effect 2, I got to the final boss on Insanity and that games kinda broken on that difficulty....
  • Oh, and I had a dream involving Darwinians and that final Mass Effect 2 level where an enemy kept laughing at me because I couldn't beat the level, and Miranda somehow didn't have a shirt on after a while, and was going around shooting bad guys with only here pants and bra on. Then she transformed into someone much more attractive, and real, at some point, and we both had Darwinians as tatoos on our arm. I know. WTF....