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BLOG 2/9/2010

With the Winter term almost over, I thought I'd write a blog!

  • I bought Bad Company 2 and played it some. That campaign was disappointing. I really loved the first games single player and really felt a disconnect from the characters, unless I stood still for several minutes to hear the dialogue. It really just didn't feel as good as the first games single player. I've seen a few people compare it to MW2's campaign, which I think was much better. And the snide remarks that were made at MW2 was just petty, and made me sad that someone seriously put that into the game.
  • On the other hand, I really like the multiplayer. I'll play it along with MW2, but it really requires a different mindset, so I don't find them too comparable. I'm having a lot of fun with the Medic and Recon classes, though I'm pretty terrible at it, I don't really care. I have fun when I get kills and destroy things, or just screw around. It's nice to have a game where I couldn't really care less about my K/D.
  • Got that Borderlands DLC. Beat Crawmerrax (however you spell it) a few times with some friends, and Dudedwag sure loves to solo it. It allows us to boost our other characters pretty easily. No Pearl weapons yet though. Oh, and I really liked the DLC, good stuff.
  • Ordered SoulSilver and God of War III for a total of around $67. =] I got $5 off for buying God of War Collection, and $20 off for pre-ordering and buying BC2. Pretty awesome. And God of War III is giving me another $10 off a future video game purchase.
  • Speaking of God of War, WTF. I finally beat God of War after around 9 hours, with probably a good hour or so sitting in menus. Regardless, that final boss fight was pretty dumb. Don't teach me to use a weapon throughout the entire game, and then take it away, along with all of my combos right at the end. But whatever, I turned it down to easy and beat after about thirty minutes of getting destroyed. I now need to play through God of War II before III comes out and is delivered to my house thanks to true god (AMAZON!!!).
  • I'm actually really looking forward to SoulSilver, even a bit more than God of War III.
That is all! I forgot all the other things I was going to write because I forgot I was writing this blog for about an hour.