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I don't know what to title these things anymore. And as they rarely get read, who cares. But I felt like writing something so here goes, whatever comes to my head!

  • So I beat Borderlands on mah 360, and almost beat it twice but I was so done with that game by the time I reached 50 I just stopped. Glad to have all the achievements but I've played like 70 hours of it so I'm kinda tired. But I do keep having the urge to go back and play my Siren and find my Hunter better guns.
  • I got a couple Splosion Man awards which is cool so my avatar is now wearing a Splosion Man shirt and, well, I'd do him.... Anyway it said I got a sweater too but I can't find it. And since it's getting to that cold season I'd really like to find it so he doesn't die of Frostbite. I guess I'll just have to keep him away from them Battlefield games then... HAHAHAHAHA.........
  • Speaking of Battelfied, WTF 1943!? Why does your site and EA's totally suck. You finally fix the soldier pages but I can find no way to sync my game with the site so I can see my soldiers stats. I really just want to know how many more games I have to play for the Tour of Duty II achievement so I can finally have that game S ranked and complete.
  • On another note, it really irritates me that Bad Company 2 is going to have weapons and stuff that are for only those who buy the higher edition or w/e... WTF... apparently the first game did this too but I only picked that up in September. I really liked the campaign and it made me laugh a lot.
  • Demon's Souls is having this Halloween even thing today, but I can't bring myself to play it. Apparently there will be good things for those who do but I just don't want to die anymore right now. I really want to jump back into that game, but with MW2 coming out I just can't bring myself to play it for the next week and then drop it.
  • Oh and MW2..... I'm so tired of all these topics. I really wish it could just be banned from the forums. Not so much for the spoilers, but for the speculation. Everyone's wondering things that they couldn't possibly know until the game comes out. And apparently there have been like 25,000 pirated copies so far.... I want the game, but I don't want it that bad.... Alright, well maybe I do, but I'm not gonna pirate it. I'm getting worried about all this stuff that's being said though. I feel that if we didn't know about things like the tactical nuke, and the opening sequence, it wouldn't mean as much when we actually get our hands on the game and learn what it all really means, and are truly impacted by the games campaign. Gamers seem so into finding everything out about the game, which is often times a bad thing. It soils their views on it before it even comes out. I have no problem with being an informed consumer, but there is a limit.
  • I've also been trying to play Dead Space but that game freaks me out. I always think somethings gonna get me from behind. I'm slowly going through it though, a chapter at a time.
  • My Mario Hat arrived today from Club Nintendo, with no sign of the calendar. I'm guessing it's in the actual mail, as the hat came in a package. I can't really fit it on my head either, though it's really soft and I'm glad I chose it over the Punch Out!! game I would never play.
  • Downloaded Trine and really like it, but it's kinda hard. ;___; Was playing earlier and I really needed a checkpoint.... I also just can't get used to the controls, as I have to use the same buttons to do different things depending on the character, and it's throwing me off...
  • Downloaded a game called Mushroom Wars too. That games kinda brutally hard on Easy. I think it just wants me to be more aggressive... Also--it makes me want to play Advance Wars....
  • Oh and schoooooooool suckssssss... Man I just really hate math. It's so useless, why am I learning things that I'm never going to use. I would never accept a career path that made me use algebra or trig... It's just not logical that I'm forced to learn this crap.
  • But my writing class is cool. I was able to do a review for an assignment, for which I attempted to beat Demon's Souls but found myself having trouble with the later bosses, after flying by the earlier ones. This next week I have a contrast and compare two similar things. I chose Disgaea DS and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2. None of my classmates know what the hell I'm talking about, but my teacher is only grading on grammar and punctuation.
Alright, well that's all.... I'm gonna go watch TV and maybe play some Advance Wars now. Lol, almost typed Advance WarTs lololol................
-- THE MASTER OF PENGUINS.... (big build up....drum roll....)... ZELL!
OK but really I'm done now.