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Gamer Personality Types

Hey Giantbomb, you can help me graduate!
Alright so I got assigned this "Passion Project" to finish off my senior year of high school. It's basically this eight part assignment surrounding something we are "passionate" about. Of course I lean towards video games, it being my biggest, "passion." I finally came up with a good aspect of video games that I wanted to address, and that's where you all come in. I'm going to explain my project a bit and then ask for you all to tell me what you think about it all. Thanks in advance.

Some months back, I was listening to 1UpYours/Listen Up (I think it was still 1UPYours, I think it was around Christmas... I remember lots of people were switching on and off the mics and one guy was getting especially upset over it, and I connect this memory to me playing Castle Crashers and I was getting my butt kicked on the Lava area... Maybe it was GDC....) Anyway, I believe it was Robert Ashley, host of A Life Well Wasted podcast, brought up a man by the name of Chris Bateman. He talked about how Chris had all these personality types o5f "gamers" which related to what type of demographic they would be, what games they might enjoy and so on. I thought it sounded pretty interesting so I decided to do some light research, which I did, and sort of let it slip from my mind. But now I'm here doing this project on those same personality types.

So I'm going to explain the basic types and and it's relation to the Myers-Briggs personality test.

Let's start with the first type, The Conqueror.

The Conqueror (Type 1)

This type is obsessed with the idea of beating a game. They want to make sure the game is, their definition of done, before they put it back on the shelf. They might play and bear multiple games a month, and they don't feel good unless they actually beat the game. They also appreciate challenge, they don't want to play a game where they can essentially blaze through it all effortlessly. They love the idea of knowing the game, every aspect, and by the end, they feel as if they dominated it. If you're obsessed with "1000" pointing games you might be a Conqueror. Type 1 players often feel fiero which basically is the feeling you get when you triumph over something that others thought too hard to accomplish or you were struggling with. Like beating Call of Duty 4's, Mile High Club. Conqueror's are often goal oriented gamers. They want the game to say, "Try and beat this," and for themselves to struggle with it a bit, and finally beat it and the game to say, "Now beat this!"

Hardcore (H1)

Basically, The Conqueror to the max. Often playing JRPG's. This type, the pinnacle of hardcore, are the gamers who find everything in the game. They're the ones you see who found all the alternate outfits and titles in the Tales games. The ones who spent ten hours collecting flags in Assassin's Creed. The dudes who discovered on their own in which order to jump through all those hoops in Halo 3 to find that stupid skull.

Casual (C1)

Casual Conqueror. Often playing multiplayer games with their friends. They want to be the best, like trash talking to who they just beat. Only difference to be distinguished from H1 is that C1 wants more of what is called, "The People Factor" along with the rest of the trimmings.

The Manager (Type 2)

The Manager wants mastery of the game. Unlike The Conqueror, who wants to beat the game, The Manager just wants to become good at it. Once he feels that the game isn't going to change anymore than it already has, and they feel that they have played enough to understand the mechanics, they might feel that they've then beat the game. Like playing a Zelda game, by the end, you're not going to get any new weapons, you're just going to kill Ganon and rescue Zelda, which is only using the things you were taught, but if you were taught them and know them well enough by then, it no longer matters. Then again, they might master the game, and choose to continue through. They might play multiple times, they mastered the game, and so maybe they'll play through again because they now dominate everything. A good environment for a Type 2 is a game that has many different routes. Maybe play through Fallout 3 multiple times, being good one time and bad another. Strategy RPG's are also good. Games like Final Fantasy Tactics where you can play through hundreds of times with hundreds of possibilities is a good thing for The Manager.

Hardcore (H2)

Once again, the hardcore Managers really like their SPRG's. Maybe they'll play through Fire Emblem with as many Paladins as they can get their hands on, and only Paladins. Implementing different tactics than before and beating the game with the skills they've mastered many different ways. Sometimes creating challenges for themselves to see how well they can over come them.

Casual (C2)

Strategy and simulation games are often key here. The C2 is more likely to give up when presented with a particularly hard challenge, and they really like building things. Sim City might be a favorite game.

The Wanderer (Type 3)

"Easy Fun" is the main idea here. The Wanderer wants to always be enjoying the game they're playing, and if they aren't they'll often put it aside right away. They don't want much challenge, but if they come across a story oriented game they want to beat, they're the type to call they're Manager or Conqueror friend and ask for help. They're in it for the experience, not to be challenged.

Hardcore (H3)

They consider themselves hardcore because of the amount of games they play, but generally think games are too hard. They care more about having the game, "done right" rather than having it get done. Story is often important, and if they reach a particularly rough challenge in a game, they might cheat if they can, or find an easy way out of it to progress the narrative.

Casual (C3)

They need games to be really easy, but have similar tastes to the H3's. Don't much challenge, little to none, but they want to feel that they're completing things in the world. They want to be relaxed by games, but still be progressing through everything, and if the progress stops, they stop.

The Participant (Type 4)

The largest group, but we know the least about them. They don't show up often in the online data. They seem to be different from the other types, except they like to be involved in the story, either directly, or by watching someone else play. But, as stated before, not much is known.

Hardcore (H4)

They don't want competition in games, but they do want play through the game. Often they like RPG's.

Casual (C4)

Like gaming in groups. Co-op experiences are great, but also local competitive multiplayer. Might like playing games like, Mario Party, or Wii Sports. "The People Factor" is key again here. As for single player games, The Sims is a good one for them, and the game seems to have succeeded because of this group of gamers. They want either a fun local multiplayer, or a grand world to get lost in.

*          *          *

So that's about it, general information. Tried to keep it brief, yet still informative. Hope you liked it, and will tell me what you think.
Thanks in advance.