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Hackers and Sneaks Ruining Announcements

This has been happening for quite some time now, great surprises have been ruined through illicit means. Over and over we see trailers and game footage, screenshots, whatever, leaked online. We end up learning of these bombshells before the company even has a chance. Not only is it unfair to the company, but it's a bit unfair to the enthusiasts who end up speculating about it. 
Though you speculate about the announcement for a while, and eventually come to accept that it's could be true, when it's finally announced, you're able to criticize it more than you would if it took you by utter surprise. You're almost immediately able to see the items faults and think more analytically of the footage, screens, etc.
So when these things are shown early, does it fully ruin the announcement? Would you rather be taken by total surprise like you were when you were younger, or even a few years ago, when you saw some great trailer that you had no idea was coming? Or do you somewhat enjoy the leaks, because it helps stave excitement that may blind you from faulting the game?
And of course, there are still announcements, that do take us by surprise, but there are just as many, if not more that are spoiled before the company plans to show the finished item.