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Oi Zell! Whatcha been up toooooooooo!?

Not muccccchhhhhh. Same old same old, right? 
I bought that Splinter Cell game. That's pretty good, but I wish I could be sneakier in the campaign. It's pretty impossible to go through a level without having to fight some dudes. Though I'm still planning to play some more, I played a good fifty or so hours during that first week I had it.
I've been playing God of War III again. I like how things stay consistent from the first couple games that I also beat recently on the collection disc. Kratos is kind of a dick, but it's all good. I like a character who's just an asshole, and doesn't give a damn. He has a goal, and nobody stands in his way, I can respect his methods. Plus it's pretty awesome, but he puzzles can get on my nerves. I feel like the game devs found out the fastest anyone could complete a puzzle, and added three seconds to the time limit. ;__;
Oh, and speaking of game devs, back to Conviction we go! Realistic really makes you realize some inherent game flaws, like the hardest difficulty often does for many games. It makes you realize how flawed some game design is, and really draws you out of the experience to yell in your face, "YOU'RE PLAYING A GAME! MWUAHAHAHA!"
I purchased After Burner Climax after watching the Quick Look and trying the demo. That games really sweet, and I got all the achievements in about three hours, but you can definitely get if faster if you know what you're doing. The EX options can totally break that game; whether it's making it extremely easy, so the game pretty much plays itself, or so hard that one shot will take you out, and enemies crap all over you. Regardless of what you choose, this game is just fun. Turn that speed up to max at the very least, and climax all over those enemy pilots!
My birthday is on May 7th. I'm finding that I'm more excited for the Reach Beta. Oh, and I'll be nineteen by the wayyyyyy. 
Lately I've been feening for a PSP. I made a list of games I want to buy, but Lies and Mac are all like, "NOOOOOOO." I don't want to wait til June, but I really don't have much of a choice anyway. Dunno what I want from Sony at E3 this year--in a way I want a new PSP announcement, but then I fear what it might consist of, and don't really want to wait even longer to get to play Disgaea 2 (oh, and all those other games on my list =3).
GrantDaNasty asked me a little while back if I was really the Master of Penguins, and I told him that I might post my, "origin story." We'll have to see, but I might start posting parts of it here.