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Handheld sex minigames?! Whats not to like 0

God of War: Chains of Olympus is a video game for Sony’s PSP. This is the first review I am doing for a PSP game and I feel like it’s a great introduction to the handheld.   Gameplay: Okay everyone knows why the God of War series is so popular. Because the gameplay is superb, the hero is extremely likeable, and sex minigames. First thing about gameplay, lets talk about the controls. The controls were very easy to get used to and followed a basis of what most action games would use. The button on...

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Gears of War was and still is a great 360 title. 1

Gears of War was a great game for Xbox360 and is still a great game now, lets see why.   Gameplay: In Gears of War the gameplay is going to be the most important thing to any fans of this game or anyone who wants to play this game. The story is good but the gameplay is what will keep people coming back and popping this game in for some great fun. The single player campaign is really fun and introduces you to all of the weapons. All of the weapons are extremely unique in their own way. Such as th...

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Metal Gear Solid 4 is an amazing end to an ok series 3

How to easily read: my review is split up into 4 basic parts at the end of my description i will give it a rank out of 5ex: I give my instructions on how to read my review a 2/5 because most people probably already knew that...Gameplay: The most important thing about any game besides the story right? Well this is something that MGS4 does well,very well. It still keeps all of its roots from the series in that it is still primarily a stealth action adventure game but has many fun shooting aspects....

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A great RPG with an engrossing storyline 1

Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean is an RPG published by Namco Bandai for the Gamecube. The main thing that differentiates this game from other RPGs is the card system. The game revolves around the use of cards called magnus. Magnus capture the essences of real life items. A magnus of an apple will heal you but after a certain amount of time passes on your save file the apple may become a rotten apple which may have a 60% chance of poison. This is a very intuitive thing in the game ...

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Fun to watch people play... 2

When i bought sneak king i don't know what was going through my mind. It seemed like a good idea at the start, " Hey a mediocre game for 4.99 why not." but then when i got home and popped it into my 360 and watched my brother play, I actually could not wait for me to try it out because it looked fun.But as soon as I started to play it hit me. This game really isn't that fun to play as much as it was fun to watch others play. The premise of the game is going around all sneakily like the king is s...

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Another Great SNES Rpg 1

Final Fantasy III was the last final fantasy to be released on the super nintendo. Final Fantasy III is an amazing Rpg with a great story and great game play. There are many characters to choose from having in your party. Some of the most interesting parts of the game were when you would have to make multiple parties and they would be in different areas doing things which would affect another party. A lot of fun interactive ideas in the game mixed with great storytelling make this an amazing gam...

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An amazing game that still holds up today. 1

Chrono Trigger was an amazing game back when it was released in 1995. Unfortunately not many people had played it. If you were one of the people who were fortunate enough to have played it you probably completely understand why this game gets 4 and a half stars. This is a game with a great cast and a great story and great gameplay. The graphics were also great for their time and still look very sharp today. The story consists of a young boy who goes to a fair and accidentally bumps into a girl. ...

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