Consoles/Handhelds I've Owned

These are consoles/handhelds that I have owned through my life. Not all are in my possession anymore.  
In the order by which I owned them.

List items

  • First owned a Game Boy Pocket that was stolen from me in middle school by the assistant principle. I then got the clear Game Boy Color.

  • My least favorite console ever.

  • Owned two different models. First was bought for my birthday as a refurbished console that I swear to this day was missing parts out of it. I came to that conclusion when the refurbished console stopped working properly and I traded it in for new one at Gamestop. Yes, they were skeptical as to why I was doing so, but I had the console working just well enough that they had to take it.

  • Never had the SP version, just the long original version.

  • I actually have owned four PSPs. The PSP 1001 was the first model that I purchased (used). I then sold that and got a PSP Slim when those came out. Then I sold that and got the Darth Vader PSP, which I still own. Now, I currently use the PSPGo.

  • I started out with the while DSlite and then sold it to get the black DSlite when those came out.

  • On my second Xbox 360. The first one I bought in March of 2008 red ringed just after Christmas of 2009. But, with the service plan I had it under at Best Buy I was able to exchange it for a Elite.