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  • I bounced hard off of Skyward Sword when it first came out, but with my years-long Zelda marathon winding down it was finally time to play it. I ended up not hating it, but when the time comes for Ranking of Zeldas, it will be near or at the bottom.

    I was never a fan of motion controls and often found it difficult to hit the exact angle the game demanded. Flying around Skyloft is pretty boring. There is really nothing between you and your destination.

    Link's toolset is at its most interesting, and was sometimes used in ways I didn't consider, though it doesn't deviate from the age-old formula of reach dungeon, get tool, beat boss with tool.

  • In Progress

  • Co-op replay with a friend. Unfortunately his late night gaming and my early work shift limits our playtime. Finished Jake's and Leon's campaign. Almost done with Chris'.

    I think it tries to do to much and be everything to everyone. Has none of the tension of early Resident Evil games or even 4, and enough ammo to mitigate any threat. As an action game to play with a friend, though, it's fun enough.

  • I messed around with Terraria years ago, but it didn't hook me. As I watched Badger's entertained, but unsuccessful, AGDQ run I decided to give it another try. This time it got me. I dug deep, I crafted hard, I bested bosses and brought myself to the final boss before hard mode. With Terraria's final update out, perhaps it's time to take the next step.

  • As a Traveler's Tales LEGO game, it's pretty clear what you are getting. Jumping back this far, it's clear to see while the overall game loop hasn't changed, the small incremental improvements have added up over time.

    Flying still doesn't feel great, but here it just feels awful.

  • Neptunia's real-time combat engine is improving, but still lacks the depth to be interesting. I do like the MMO within a game concept, though I'll go back to .hack if I want to do it again. The fan-service usually manages to straddle the line between funny and cringy pretty well.

    With a little more effort, this could have been a decent game, but boring combat sinks it. Especially the boss encounters. Just an ever increasing hp pool that takes longer and longer to whittle down.

  • Always in progress.

    My experience goes like this. New season starts, decide on a build, make it a little further than last time, forget game exists, new season starts, repeat. I should just finish the story in standard league, but it feels like I'd be missing the best source of good gear by skipping the current league mechanic.

  • I enjoyed the first SteamWorld Dig and I enjoyed this one as well. It really expanded on the basic concepts of the 1st game, but I often really just wanted to get back to digging.

  • For being a Nintendo fan since the days of the NES, Kirby is a series I just never played until Kirby's Adventure came to the Wii U. Planet Robobot is not so different. Navigate your way through each stage while stealing enemy powers. The level design is more intricate and you get a cool mech, but it's still Kirby and I'm thinking I should check out more of the games in between.

  • In progress.

  • In progress?

  • In progress?

    Last time I played I hit a huge wall. I'm taking way too much damage.

  • Probably done.

    Have it wishlisted, but thanks to game pass I've been able to try it. I'm not a huge fan of rogue(lite)s, and Void Bastards isn't selling me on the genre.

  • Played through Midgar section to refresh my memory ahead of Remake.

  • In progress.

    Played the section from St. Binah to not quite Akzeriuth.

  • Very slowly in progress.

  • I'll continue tinkering with this one. Maybe.

  • I love me some Picross and needed something after finishing Pixel Puzzle Collection. Tried a few other Android offerings, but they were bad. Don't think I need anthropomorphism in my picross, but Jupiter makes a solid game.

  • Game Pass. Would like to get back to.

  • Game Pass. Not sure if I'll go back to it.

  • Making slow progress. Hard to play for long stretches.

  • It was either Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks or hook the Wii U back up for some Twilight HD. I wasn't quite ready for the DS duo. Twilight Princess is fine. I wasn't a huge fan of wolf Link, but once you can swap at will, it's moot.

  • I wasn't sure what to expect heading into Remake. Could Square Enix really turn a 5 hour intro to a 40 hour game into a full length RPG? More importantly, could they do it well?

    The sidequest heavy town sections get a little bogged down, but overall the additions to game are positive. Combat feels good when you're doing well and gaining AP at a good pace.

    Very curious where the sequel goes after the WTF ending. I think the remake will be less bound to the original than I expected.

  • I had a week of vacation set aside to enjoy FFVII Remake and instead I spent the entire week playing Astroneer. I don't usually get into this type of game, but after seeing Brad and Vinny start to play it during lockdown, I was inspired to try it myself.

    I usually get bored with the upgrade treadmill, but something about my misadventures into each planet kept me moving ever forward.

  • A neat little typing game. I remembered seeing it in a quick look years ago and was glad to see it pop up in Humble Monthly.

  • And now we reach the section of my Zelda Marathon I was dreading; the stylus based DS games. I played both when they first launched and both were among the few Zelda games I just didn't finish. Having now finished them, I wasn't missing much.

  • Not a game I run too often, but it's fun to just load it up and drive every now and then.

  • Found this on Game Pass and really enjoyed it. Short, but made good use of its maps with its two time eras. In a sea of Metroidvania's it doesn't really stand out, but it's still worth a playthrough.

  • The first Yooka-Laylee strived (perhaps too much) to be Banjo-Kazooie and their followup, Impossible Lair, mimics Donkey Kong Country. It does some neat things with the overworld and stage effects. Close to finishing it, but it will likely spill over to next year.

  • Growing up Nintendo, I definitely don't have the nostalgia for Streets of Rage that some do. Still I should finish working through this while it is still on Game Pass.

  • Went pretty much as I expected it to. Sailed off solo, found some loot and was a having a fine time. Was grabbing the 2nd chest to turn in when a ship sailed in out of nowhere and killed me before I even knew what was happening.

  • My Gears partner has moved away and doesn't have an XBox, so my enthusiasm for Gears 4 hasn't really been there. Slowly working my way through it, a few stages at a time.

  • Enhanced Edition

    Baldur's Gate may be the game I've spent the most years working on with no solid progress. The first run dates back to '99 when my roommate let me play his copy. I didn't get too far. Purchased my own set of discs and later a GOG version and eventually made my way to Baldur's Gate. Unfortunately, when I built a new computer last year I copied the wrong save folder and deleted that run...

    Maybe I'll finish this run some day.

  • For many years I ignored Minecraft. Not my kind of game, I thought. After Terraria and Astroneer, I decided to give it a try. It's not bad. Not sure I'll ever get to the Enderdragon, but it's something I'll go back to every now and then.

  • Hadn't planned on playing FFIX this year, but when it came to Game Pass, I decided it needed a replay. I found I remembered the beginning and end real well, but not so much the middle two discs.

    Still, it holds up pretty well and I had a good time with it.

  • I tried the first Red Dead Redemption a few times and just lost momentum before getting too far. Glad II came to Game Pass so I could find out I would bounce off it just as hard. Not sure why. I'm not a huge Western fan, but I'm not against them. It's obvious the amount of care and polish that went into the game. Perhaps it's just too slow paced for me.

  • About the best thing I can say is, it's fine. It was billed a Diablo-style game, but I found to loot drops to be very sporadic and more often than not, worse than what I was carrying. Other than the cubed look, it didn't really do much to leverage the fact it is based on Minecraft.

  • I could see this being an fun time with 2 friends, in the vein of 4 Swords Adventures. Unfortunately, I only have 1 friend that would play this and 2 players are not an option. I tried playing it solo, but found the timing required to be far to frustrating and retired it.

    The ability suits would be helpful, but by the time you've earned enough rupees and gotten enough materials to buy them, you probably don't want to run the stage they would be useful in anymore.

  • I dismissed this game as bloody shark simulator until I saw Jason playing it on stream and realized it was an open-world shark RPG.

    It come with many of the flaws of this style of game. If you 100% each area before you move on, you quickly outlevel the game and max out well before the end. That said, it was still fun and at ~12 hours, ends before it overstays its welcome.

  • Thought I'd give it a try even though gacha games don't really do much for me. I was enjoying the early game, but by the time I reached the end of the launch story the need to grind for stat points was too prevalent and too random. It's a SaGa game alright. Then I saw SinoAlice.

  • I had just picked up Romancing SaGa Re: Universe, but then I saw Yoko Taro had a new mobile game out. On a whim I downloaded it as well. A darker take on your standard fairy tales, I found the story interesting, but not enough to keep me playing. Taro probably didn't have much of a role beyond scenario/world building. The 15v15 PVP looked like it could be fun, but the random guild I joined never filled and half the people who joined (including the guild leader) had already dropped the game.

    For some reason I decided to the game one last try, and went to reddit to search for an active guild. I found a casual guild in a late time slot, switched to sorcerer and moved to the backline. They're a pretty cool bunch and 6 months later, Sino is still an everyday game for me. As the new year dawns, I'm now a minstrel and hit 200k points.

  • I really dug the beta and for a few months played a ton of the full release. The endgame got pretty repetitive and monthly monetization of basic functions got pretty annoying. The separation of story content from everything else felt weird. Episode 4 has since dropped, but I haven't felt any desire to go back to it.

  • What a bizarre game. Once you wrap your head around the battle system, it's pretty fun running and jumping around racking up scratch damage and then one-shotting everything with a pistol. I'm still extremely curious where the story goes, but none of my attempts have gone past halfway.

    I was making good progress with 4K remaster, but kept having issues with my PS4 randomly rebooting or just shutting off. No other game was doing this. Perhaps it will run better on my PS5.

  • I was expecting a campaign focused on the villains filling the hero role. I was not expecting a forced silent protagonist character creator Mary-Sue who can do almost any special ability. Turned out most characters had many abilities which really opened up character selection.

    The game itself featured more, but shorter stages which I think I liked better. Some of the stages in previous games were getting really long with multiple checkpoints. 100% completion though... They stuffed this game with content, but little of it was interesting. By far the longest LEGO completion I've done and I kinda regret it.

  • I haven't played any Falcom games besided Ys. Enjoying it, but still have a long way to go.

  • DLC Check-In! Guns, Love, and Tentacles: The Marriage of Wainwright and Hammerlock.

    A Cthulu inspired adventure. Somewhere along the way, Moze's Iron Bear got enough buffs to actually be viable, so I moved from a 1 HP build to an Iron Bear build. Found a rifle that made enemies explode into caustic balls of acid which often killed me too, but as long as it hit something else I would usually just pop right back up.

    The story is good enough and the writing decent enough to not be cringy.

  • With the Nier collaborations and Drakengard 3 pending in SinoAlice, it reminded me I never finished this game. Unfortunately, I learned my PS3 no longer reads discs. I decided to see how PS3 emulation is going. Aside from some visual glitches, I'm finding the game playable, though like anything on my PC, I kinda forgot I was playing it. Maybe after the Nier remaster, Squeenix will revisit this game.

  • Standard Kemco fare. Not bad, not good. Not sure why it has gacha elements other than it was originally a mobile game. The free currency got me two OP characters and some extremely powerful weapons that broke the early-mid game.

    Suffers from Chono Cross syndrome in that it gives you a ton of characters that contribute nothing to the game. The main character is mute that only ends up padding conversation since he just writes everything down and then someone has to read what he wrote. His relationship with his sister feels almost borderline incest. The womanizing main character will likely realize the error of ways and settle with the other main character who really has no character.

    Really should finish this one before it leaves Game Pass, but my interest is waning as I start to push into late game.

  • The other DS Zelda game. Has all the flaws of Phantom Hourglass and even less interesting world traversal, yet I almost enjoyed this one more. Then I got to the final boss sequence and had any positive thoughts on the game erased.

  • Having already beaten this game, I really wasn't planning on playing it as part of my Zelda Marathon. The DS Duo left such a bad taste, I couldn't end my marathon on those two so I booted up my MiSTer and played Minish Cap on my big screen.

    I did not realize how much of this game I had forgotten, so I'm glad I gave it another run.

  • Anime Breath of the Wild is not a bad descriptor for this game. I really enjoyed this game for about a month. Once I finished the first battle pass and had fully explored the opening portion of the game, the daily grind could not keep me interested. The game seems playable with 4 star characters, which is good since the drop rate on 5 starts is terrible. Not sure how viable high-level content is though. My 4 star team struggles with world bosses at equal levels.

    The game has new areas to explore, so I will likely revisit it in 2021.

  • So far, I'm enjoying this Diablo-style hack 'n slash. Plenty of loot and plenty of area to explore.

  • Nostalgia is an odd thing. Here's a game that defined 3D platformers and while it is still good, it hasn't aged as well as I thought. I knew that camera was tied to the C-buttons, but I had forgotten you couldn't do a full 360º spin. I had gone in planning a full 120 star playthrough, but I don't have the patience for those late game stars anymore and settled for a 70 star run.

  • A kickstarter game I backed that actually came out! Long delayed, but from what little I've played seems to be worth it. Great soundtrack, some strategic turn-based combat, writing seems good so far. Need to get back to this.

  • I was not expecting much of this pack-in game, but not only does it show off the PS5 controller pretty well, it's fun to play.

  • I remember being a frequent visitor to the NCS import website between Demon's Souls original JP release and Atlus eventually picking up the licence after Sony passed on it. They could not keep this game in stock. I bought at launch because it was an Atlus game, but I never got around to playing it. I did the same thing with Dark Souls. I would at least try Dark Souls II, making a few areas in. Made it to the midpoint of Bloodborne and almost to the end of Dark Souls III.

    So here we are back at the beginning with Demon's Souls remastered for the shiny new PS5. I ordered it with the system just so I would have something to play, not really planning on actually beating it. As I pushed deeper and deeper into the game, it actually began to look possible. I would later learn this is considered to the easiest Souls game, but it doesn't matter. I beat a Souls game.

  • Wasn't sure what to expect from this game from the initial trailers and hadn't really planned on getting it, but it was free on PS Plus. Making progress, but it really hasn't been a priority.

  • I really enjoyed the first two acts of Spider-Man. Just swinging around the city; combat could be challenging, but as long as I didn't blow to many dodges I wasn't dying too often. Then I got to the final act. Can't swing around the city without getting shot at. Seemed like everybody has a rocket launcher. Frustrating enemies with jet packs dropping paralyzing "napalm". Every fight felt like if I lost my focus I was dead. It was tiring. I should have given up on getting 100% in every district, but that's not how I play these open-world games. Eventually I was able to push through, maybe get a little better, and finish the game.

    Despite the massive difficulty spike, I still enjoyed the game.

  • Now on Game Pass. Toying with the idea of doing a max stats run, but requires avoiding all battles until disc 3. We'll see how the Dollet mission goes.

  • I almost cancelled my preorder after learning the PS5 update wouldn't hit for awhile, but it shipped before I got around to it. I haven't played much of it yet, but I haven't found it be a buggy mess. One graphical glitch and one hard crash over perhaps 4 hours of play. Likely won't get back to until the PS5 update hits.

  • For some reason, after beating Demon's Souls, I had this clone in my head and finally decided to try it. I like how open the game is with builds. Leveling up gives a small stat boost, but most of your stats come from the weapons and armor you equip.

    Currently struggling with the boss of the Dried-Up Trenches, but I think if I switch to a faster build I can win.

  • I was talking to a friend and for some reason I brought up 999 and remembered I never finished the final game of the trilogy. In the process of rectifying that.

  • I'm not sure what Assassin's Creed is anymore, but I'm fine with a giant world to explore at my leisure.