Sadie viewed from the angle of the recently relieved


As a long time watcher of Sadie's Gaming Infection (UltraNeko) and a fan of  YouTube video game reviews in general I would like to dedicate my first blog post (and hopefully not my last) to that very topic... with a few masturbation jokes thrown in just because I'm that type of guy.  Anyway enough of my rambling lets get the show on the road.

A few days ago I found myself watching one of UltraNeko's old reviews that I had somehow missed either through my inability to see my monitor properly from the distance of 17inches (that's what wrestling the bald headed champ too much can do to you... har har...) or through witchcraft. On this occasion I was watching the previously undetected video late at night and I managed to see Sadie in a completely different light. Because I watched this video at such an untimely hour I was still in that all-knowing 5 minute mental state where I see past a woman's good looks (her rack) and view her from the perspective of a straight woman, gay man or eunuch. While in my tissue brandishing Buddhist state of knowledge, entirely unaffected by hormones, I noticed that Sadie is completely overrated.

Even in my usual euphoric daytime viewings, in which I seen a good looking but otherwise quite unremarkable woman as a saint-like figure to gamerkind I realized that her reviews lacked the wit and thoroughness of those done by other less popular reviewers. Occasionally I think to myself “but she must be good, or she wouldn’t be so popular” and then I whack that thought back down with my crispy tissue paper and start too realize again that the gaming community if full of single horn dogs craving a woman who between gropes they could discuss the symbolism behind the gag endings of silent hill. So a woman like Sadie is set for instant online fame. No haters. No criticism. Endless hordes foamy mouthed fans (Why hasn’t she taken over the world yet?). All of that is achieved with if I’m brutally honest minimal effort.

To summarize my entirely pointless rant, give anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of gaming and a camcorder a pair of boobs and instantly they’ll be viewed as the best thing since sliced bread by the gaming community.