Making a papercraft Aquarium for my Girlfriend

Hello everyone. I hope you are all well.

So I'm pretty crafty with my hands, so for our anniversary, I made some more papercraft. I've done it before, and I'll do it again.

So, I made a weird, kinda neat Aquarium.

First things first. This was what I used.

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Colored paper/card. That's a given, naturally. Also, the tools I used were Scissors/Ruler/Glue/Stapler/Pencil and Pen (Measuring paper and cutting it really).

Also, I used a box, of course.

So, then I coated the box in white paper, to give it a more stable base, inside and out. From there, I coated it in Blue Paper on the outside, and the inside was a yellow bottom (Sand), with green paper for Seaweed bits. I used a sticker from the wonderful folks at Creature Kebab, and the Fish and Crab were from the incredibly skilled Kristyna Baczynski.

Stick everything together, put it all where you want it, and finally, you get something close to a present. Here is the finished product!

Now I just have to top this next year...


To Do List- Dark Souls Edition


Black Knight Greataxe:

Dropped by axe wielding black knights.

Channeler's Trident:

Dropped from Mage in the Duke's Archives

Demon's Spear:

Anor Londo. Batwing Demon drop.

Silver Knight Shield:

Anor Londo. Dropped by any silver knight type

Silver Knight Spear:

Anor Londo. Dropped by Spear-type Silver knights

Stone Greatshield & Greatsword:

Darkroot Garden. Both are Dropped by any Stone Knight

Ghost Blade

Female Ghosts in New Londo

Jagged ghost Blade

Male Ghosts in New Londo

Ascension Weapons

Tin Darkmoon Cata

+10 Catalyst + Gwyndolin

Miracles Missing

Gravelord greatsword Dance (Nito Cove +1 = Donate 10 eyes)- Manageable by the time I hit Catacombs in NG++++

Darkmoon Blade Miracle (Blade of the Darkmoon +1)- Fuck if I know how to do this??

Lightning Spear (PRAISE THE SUN covenant)- Should have enough Faith easily

Great Lightning Spear (Praise the sun +1)See Above

Sunlight Spear (Praise the sun +1 with Gwyn Soul)See above (Also, got 2 spare Gwyn Souls already)

Emit Force (Do Siegmeyer Line)- Play NG++++ until Siegmeyer again (I hope I get him to the Shrine before Smough/Ornstein...)

Great Magic Barrier (Great Hollow)- ARGH

TwOP (Catacombs)- Explore to it. Shouldn't be hard

Weapons Needed

Enchanted Falchion needs +5 (Blue Slab x1- Moonlight Butterflys in Crystal Cave- Also is there one on the Invisible Platforms?)

Divine Butcher Knife needs +10 (White Slab- Apparently one in Tomb of Giants-Pinwheel room?)

Occult Club needs +5 (White Slab- Second one-Pinwheels in ToG.)

Fire Large Club needs +10 (Red Slab- Cthulus in Dukes archive. Is there one in Lost Izalith Siegmeyer pit?)

Normal +15 needed (Titanite Slab- Darkwraiths in New Londo)

Crystal +5 needed (Titanite Slab- See above (¬_¬)

Magic (Grab some Blue Chunks and Blue Slab-Glaive Knights in Kiln for Chunks-Butterfly for Slab)

Enchanted (Grab some Blue Chunks and Blue Slab-Glaive Knights in Kiln for Chunks-Butterfly for Slab)

Chaos needed (Get red chunks (2nd Knight in Kiln) and a Red Slab- Bouncy enemies in Lost Izalith)

Do the rest of you have left to do on your game? Any plans? New builds to try? Etc