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Pascual's top 10 PUBG moments of the year

10 - The First Chicken Dinner

It all starts here. The first time I won a round of PUBG my heart was pounding and my hands were shaking. Never before has a game gotten such an overwhelming physical reaction out of me.

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9 - Always go for the crate

Go for the crates. It always works out. Always.

8 - Avenging your friends

You get into a brawl and most of your squad dies. You know you're not going to win so at this point you have a new objective. Vengeance.

7 - Stuntn'

One chicken dinner isn't cool. You know what's cool? Doing sick stunts with your friends.

6 - Saving Private Smith

3 shots. 3 kills.

5 - Kessler's Charge

When Kessler says "It's time to go to work" it's time to go to work.

4 - Resident Evil 7 is very scary

This is just very funny

3 - 11 Kill Solo Game

By this point I had won a few solo games but usually with around 3-5 kills and luck had been a major factor. Not in this game. In this game I actively sort out combat, crates and was rewarded for it.

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2 - 20 Kill Duo Game

I play duos with my friend Trevor. Trevor is very good at PUBG. In this game we were mad with power. No fight we would avoid. No shot we wouldn't take. We ended up taking out nearly a quarter of the total players and winning the game.

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1 - No Need

Hey Matt. Want to explain what makes this your number 1 PUBG moment of the year?

No Need.