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Skyrim Mod Spotlight: Volume 1

Don't like text? Skip to the bottom for the video version! All mods are shown in the video.

KenMOD Time on loading screen:

As you have probably already guessed this mod displays your computers current time on the loading screen, so simple yet so elegant. Skyrim is one of those games that people regularly lose track of time in. It’s quite possible that you sit down to play saying that you’re just going to have a quick 30 minute session but oh how time does fly when you’re having fun. This is the type of mod where you either want immediately or don’t see its use but it looks nice and does what it says on the tin.

KenMOD Item icons:

This is a weird one, I can’t really think of a great advantage to having this mod. It adds little icons to the items in your inventory, they look nice the icons fit the items really well. I guess it could help identify certain types of weapons or armour if they’re enchanted and have a different name... maybe? Like I said I’m not sure about its practical use but I dig it, maybe you will too!

Glowing Ore Veins 300:

If you are a fan of smithing in Skyrim this is a must! The default ore veins are very hard to see and you’ve probably skipped over them without even knowing they’re there. This mod fixes that by making the veins glow. I quite like the effect but the colours don’t always match up with the ore you’re mining. If that really is a big deal to you I guess give this one a miss but I really recommend it.

How is the mod scene looking for Skyrim?:

Considering the mod tools for Skyrim aren’t even out yet things are looking pretty good. We have already had quite a few cool mods but they tend be small fixes or additions. You got your standard texture packs and nude mods but the real good stuff is still to come. Bethesda recently announced that moders can expect the creation kit sometime in January along with Steam workshop support. Steam workshop sounds cool acting as a mod hub where you can easily download the new/popular mods. I’m not sure how this news makes sites like feel as they have long been the backbone of the Bethesda game modding scene but hopefully this will just mean bigger and better mods.