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So Valve sent me this box of stuff to give away...

On October 15th I will be participating in the Extra-Life charity marathon to raise money for the children's miracle network. I've done this is the past and one thing I like to do is gather a bunch prizes to give away for people who donate. I find that it makes the whole thing a lot more fun and also gives people incentive to donate. Last year I gathered a few game codes to give away and I wanted to get even more stuff this year. I always feel awkward when asking for free stuff but since I'm doing this for charity I think I can get away with it. Greg Kasavin was kind enough to give me 5 steam codes for bastion and I added them to some steam codes I have lying around. Now this is already more stuff than what I had last year but when I was at Eurogamer Expo I saw Chet Faliszek from Valve. Counter Strike:GO was at the show and I knew they were giving away beta keys so I asked him if he could spare a few for people who donate. Instead he gave me his business card and told me to email him after the show. I did that and then this showed up...

To donate go to and the live stream will be at