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These are the best games of 2013

Don't let anyone tell you different. These are the best games of 2013

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  • Vi sitter hr I venten och spelar lite DotA #BigPlays

  • I slowly played this game over the last half of the year and it was incredible. Some of the best characters to come out of any video game.

  • As someone who couldn't care less about Tomb Raider I thoroughly enjoyed this reboot. They did a good job of remaking Lara too.


  • The best Splinter Cell game ever made. The story is dumb in the best way and all the different mechanics come together perfectly.

  • Just plain fun. Rolling around with two revolvers and shooting guys in slow mo? Yes please.

  • Such a charming game. The ability to develop characters of coloured shapes is really quite an achievement.

    I'm specifically talking about the PSN release that came out in 2013.

  • Game of show PAX East 2013. I don't like fighting games but Dive Kick is perfect in its simplicity.

  • I thought the main narrative was kinda weak but the storytelling within the environments was fantastic. Plus it looks real pretty.

  • Remember those first 30 minutes? That was pretty great. A solid game and some interesting ideas but MAN, that ending SUCKED!