My Top 10 of All Time

We all have our favourites, video games that will forever be a special place in our heart no matter how old. We look at these games through permanent rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia even when we play them. These ten games will be games that I can complete over and over, and keep coming back for more. This list will likely mean little to you, but I hope that I can persuade you to look at these games again, or indeed for the first time. Right here I go. I'm diving on in and I ask you hop in the pool of brilliance.

List items

  • Damn. Just damn. This game is not so much a game as a work of art. Unique art direction that created a phenomenal post-apocalyptic world, and a soundtrack that to this day has the best music of any game. Wrap it all up in an intriguing fully voice acted story and the best JRPG combat of all time and you have an easy winner for my top game of all time.

  • I have beaten this game 4 times, and am working on my fifth play through. I have bought it twice at probably £30 each time, on the gamecube and the wii. These two stats alone go some way to show how much I like this game. Simply it has the best gameplay of all time. The shooting is beautiful, the enemies are varied and smart, and the game is perfectly paced. From start to finish the game doesn't relent, you feel driven forward at all times, enemies attack constantly and the developers throw a whole bunch of different encounters. Plus Chainsaw guy. Damn he scares me to this day, actually this whole game is very creepy aided by some perfect sound effects. This is the last game on this list that is easily available and I implore you find and play this, and disregard Resident Evil 5, which disappointed.

  • I don't want to make any sweeping statements, but if you haven't played this you aren't a real gamer. The gameplay of this one is spot on. The puzzles are just right, the enemies are of perfect difficulty, the dungeons are so good. The soundtrack is full of sweeping scores (in midi format), playful tunes and sombre tracks that all drive home a surprisingly dark plot. Lets be honest you know about this one, it inspired pretty much every game that followed it in one way or another. If you haven't played it play it. Get it on the Wii or wait and get it on the 3DS. Just do it, and get ready for the ride of your life.

  • The best plot ever in gaming, with a selection of main characters that I cared for like no others. This game has a brilliant emotional plot, and despite some unfounded criticisms of its voice overs (that was one scene dammit!), that will affect almost everyone that plays this game. The battle system is also very solid allowing for some very tactical planning that has allowed people to attempt some truly ridiculous playthroughs of this game. The graphics are now dated but in my eyes are still more than sufficient for anyone to enjoy this game for the first time. Get a copy off of Amazon for a tenner, and you'll be in for 60 hours of fine RPG.

  • Best D And D adaption ever. A very long game at 100 hours, tons of interesting characters and great replayability (different classes, alignments and party members). Plus with a little modding you can make Baldur's Gate 1, 2 and all expansions into one game. Thiis game offers brilliant value for money, and the set will probably put you back oh, 15 quid.

  • The pinnacle of open world games in my estimate. The number of things you can do in this game is astonishing, you can race, mod cars, drive trains, haul goods, rob banks, rob houses, collect half a billion collectables, climb mountains, parachute of mountains, fly plains and also the main campaign aint half bad. Plus you have the cheats. Arm civilians, riot mode, everyone hates CJ. I dare you to make it through 10 blocks. What a game!

  • A seminal classic here. A game that I played for hours on end back when all I had for games was a NES with five games. This was hard, really hard, especially when your like 6 years old. The shooting was spot on and the 8-bit soundtrack is one of the best ever. Add in the bosses from megaman 2 and you have a good long game for your self. This would probably set you back 30 quid to get with a NES on ebay but I'd say it's worth trying.

  • Way too many hours of my life have been sunk into this damn game. It is undoubtedly a brilliant game, a perfect MMO, it is very fun and can draw you in like no other. If you can play in a reasonable way, give it a try, the graphics are still good and development continues.

  • This is a relatively unknown gem of a game, released very late in the SNES's development cycle. It combines the dungeons of Zelda with the combat of Final Fantasy and throws in a great story to boot. It probably clocks in at about 30 hours with an additional boss to fight after the main campaign. If you live in Europe you have little to no chance of playing this one, as it was released in America only. >.<

  • The best of all the pokemon games. Full colour graphics, an extra 101 Pokemon (before Nintendo ran out of ideas) and the ability to travel across not one but two regions of the pokeworld. They're probably the longest Pokemon games, and I have many fond memories of these. I suggest you try out Heart Gold or Soul Silver if you are one of the four people that haven't already played either of these, as they are perfect remakes of two phenomenal games.

  • HOT NEW ENTRY at number 5 it's Just Cause 2! This will forever be the game I associate with my time at university. For nigh on two years me and my best friend played this game, logging what must be over sixty hours. We gave Rico far more character than he ever showed, and decided that the entire game was some sort of coma induced fever dream. Erratic plot additions aside Just Cause 2 is the most fun game of the 360/PS3 era and I defy anyone to prove otherwise.