Bombcast Breakdown!! - 6.17.2008 - #18

Because two exclamation marks means you're super serial about it! 
I have this weird goal of going through each show and taking copious notes, as this whole college thing has taught me. 
This is a fluid list.  Beta as its popular to be known as.  Things are going to be dynamic, pertaining to formatting and such, until I get a feel for how things are going to turn out.  Categories may be added, renamed, or simply taken away on 'cast to 'cast basis. Let me know if you see something wrong!  This is as much mine as it is yours!  


  • Voices - obvious enough, who's in the podcast
  • Reviewed - initially going to be reserved for the taste testing they did early on in the series, will see how things turn out later when they start phasing it out 
  • Movies mentioned - despite being a videogame-centric podcast, these guys have some serious debates on movies and people/ideas pertaining to them
  • Games mentioned - games/game series mentioned on the 'cast.  Listed if the game has some type of discussion or context behind it, not simply if name dropped
  • Names dropped - much like the games mentioned, people mentioned if it pertains to the 'cast
  • Out of context quotes - the tiny crazy bits we all love our boys saying.  taken directly out of context makes it even more hilarious
  • Timestamps-the parts of the 'cast that are fairly easy to distinguish with Ryans segway ability.  Oft times these will seamless lead into a bigger discussion on the topic
  • Definitive quotes - the bits where they're all business, and give their honest opinion/prediction on a topic. If you were to jump to a time in the 'cast, these would be it
  • General notes - ideas I've garnered from the crew during the 'cast
  • ******* - multiple astricks denote a few minutes of the 'cast you'd do well listening to, if for nothing else than the hilarity/gravitas of it all     
  • 1+ - denotes where they talk about a certain topic for more than a minute, instead of simply dropping the name in there for no discussion.    

Giant Bombcast ep.15 6.17.2008


Ryan Davis, Brad Shoemaker, Vinny Caravella, Jeff Gerstmann

Movies Mentioned

Games Mentioned

Names Dropped

Out of Context Quotes

  • analog audio, wave of the future - vinny (.31)
  • I was in process of writing the review on the way over here, and I think I forgot how - brad (1.04)
  • thats a softball. - vinny (1.20)         NOTE - this turns out to be one of the first of countless lines he will drop in completely out of nowhere, not even relating to the topic.  which makes it awesome.  Which makes it as an entry on this section.
  • save it spoilers, geez louise shoemaker - vinny (3.55)
  • so yea, you pay to help populate the game world. help develop the game! - vinny (4.32)
  • Now you can play your cell phone games at home - jeff (6.13)
  • I've seen girls noodling - ryan (7.03)
  • Lights on my shaft, lips - vinny (26.48)

Definitive Quotes

  • For those who are playing the game, or who care, we can say it's awesome. - jeff about MGS4 (2.11)
  • thats one thing we can point out about MGS4, they finally went to X as confirm - brad (3.40)
  • It is June, and the thought pool is running dry - vinny (8.39)
  • I love time pilot.  I love that damn game. - jeff (12.49)
  • the big strength of the 360 is how it does online.  thats the big thing that breaks it away from the other two in my mind - ryan (28.32)


  • new releases (2.48)                         1+
  • Noodling fishing style (6.28)                 1+            ************
  • What Have You Been Playing (9.06)
  • News of the World (17.53-59.00)
  1. Tecmo still rocking drama (18.03)                         1+
  2. we now know what Lips is (22.59)                               1+
  3. avatars taking the place of gamerpics (26.57)                       1+
  4. forza 3 upcoming (30.08)
  5. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 upcoming (31.19)
  6. Spiderman vs Marvel Zombies (32.30)                             1+
  7. You Don't Know Jack coming to the wii (38.16)                          1+
  8. Gears of war movie finds a director len wiseman (44.54)
  9. Afrika spills more details (46.34)
  10. Bangiao Spirits is a weird ass game (48.02)
  11. Limbo of the Lost rips off Oblivion a little bit too much (50.25)
  12. Jeff Bell leaving microsoft (52.27)                      1+
  • Emails (55.11-1.18.41)
  1. lack of basements in CA (55.30)
  2. plans for e3 (58.48)            1+           **************
  3. plans for PAX (1.01.58)
  4. alternatives to WW2 games (1.02.40)
  5. where the westerns at (1.05.03)
  6. sports game coverage (1.07.54)
  7. shoes without socks or socks without shoes (1.10.01)                            1+           **********
  8. paying monthly for xbox live (1.12.14)                          1+          
  9. vinny has a weird taste in games (1.16.44)
  • post show bs (1.18.43)
  1. Bionic Commando Rearmed
  2. Mega Man 9
  3. youth tv shows

General Notes

  • as of last night (at the time of recording), the whole crew have finished MGS4
  • this is the first time we here ryan go into his comic book appreciation