Bombcast Breakdown!! - 7.29.2008 - #28

Because two exclamation marks means you're super serial about it! 
I have this weird goal of going through each show and taking copious notes, as this whole college thing has taught me.   You can find all of the previous entries in this series via my blog, the Bombcast forum, or simply by searching up top.  Whenever there is pertinent discussion on a given topic/game/person, I'll do my best to link that individual Breakdown to that particular page.
This is a fluid list.  Beta as its popular to be known as.  Things are going to be dynamic, pertaining to formatting and such, until I get a feel for how things are going to turn out.  Categories may be added, renamed, or simply taken away on 'cast to 'cast basis. Let me know if you see something wrong!  This is as much mine as it is yours!  


  • Voices - obvious enough, who's in the podcast
  • Reviewed - initially going to be reserved for the taste testing they did early on in the series, will see how things turn out later when they start phasing it out 
  • Movies mentioned - despite being a videogame-centric podcast, these guys have some serious debates on movies and people/ideas pertaining to them
  • Games mentioned - games/game series mentioned on the 'cast.  Listed if the game has some type of discussion or context behind it, not simply if name dropped
  • Companies Mentioned - these guys spit knowledge about companies like nobodies business.  best to catalog it all to be held against them
  • Names dropped - much like the games mentioned, people mentioned if it pertains to the 'cast
  • Out of context quotes - the tiny crazy bits we all love our boys saying.  taken directly out of context makes it even more hilarious
  • Timestamps-the parts of the 'cast that are fairly easy to distinguish with Ryans segway ability.  Oft times these will seamless lead into a bigger discussion on the topic
  • Definitive quotes - the bits where they're all business, and give their honest opinion/prediction on a topic. If you were to jump to a time in the 'cast, these would be it
  • General notes - ideas I've garnered from the crew during the 'cast
  • ******* - multiple astricks denote a few minutes of the 'cast you'd do well listening to, if for nothing else than the hilarity/gravitas of it all     
  • 1+ - denotes where they talk about a certain topic for more than a minute, instead of simply dropping the name in there for no discussion.     

Giant Bombcast ep.20  --  7.29.2008



Ryan Davis, Brad Shoemaker, Vinny Caravella, Jeff Gerstmann 

Names Dropped

Companies Mentioned 

Games Mentioned

Out of Context Quotes

  • Dude, you need to be stoned for this - ryan (5.36)
  • Activision murders everyone - ryan (12.56)
  • Giant Bomb is publishing - vinny (15.52)
  • guitar hero presents Brutal Legend - vinny (16.27)
  • Space is still a threat - jeff (45.12)
  • it's a fighting game, with swords! - jeff (50.10)                                               ***************
  • at that point you just say bro lets play some halo - ryan (54.30)
  • you should come by my house later on, we're gonna get a fuckin kegger.  cut that out, thats swearing, i don't wanna swear - vinny (56.00)
  • say it you racist!! - vinny (1.00.05)
  • i will not allow there to be a thong with the giantbomb logo on it sold - ryan (1.07.22)                                            *************
  • baby tees, for actual babies - vinny (1.07.48)
  • heres a giant bomb briefcase that you can handcuff to your arm.  take it to an airport for a fun surprise! - jeff (1.08.11)
  • andy is a murderer, he is a code murderer - ryan (1.09.49)

Definitive Quotes

  • you realize the time is not that far off when there will be people who won't know what an arcade machine is - brad (18.26)
  • mortal kombat vs street fighter needs to happen - jeff (30.07)
  • for one thing i think drinking games are retarted, just drink for gods sake if you're gonna. - ryan (55.23)


  • What have you been playing (.56)
  • News of the World (8.40-47.41)
  1. Telltale guys packin wallace and gromit (9.05)                                                   1+
  2. Activision murders everyone (12.43)                                                           1+
  3. Comic Con and whatevs they showed there (17.55)
  4. Marvel vs Capcom is coming out again (29.00)
  5. red steel 2 having motion plus support (35.02)
  6. crazy achievments in Gears of war 2 (35.50)                                                  
  7. new karateka coming out (39.02)                                                                 
  8. star trek online brought to light (43.40)                                                                  
  • Summer of Arcade releases (48.12)
  1. Geometry wars 2 (48.25)
  2. Braid (48.34)
  3. Bionic Commando Rearmed (48.41)
  4. Galaga Legions (48.46)
  5. Castle Crashers (48.50)
  • New Releases (48.00)
  1. Soul Calibur IV (50.00)
  2. Spectral Force 3 (50.41)
  3. MLB Power Pros 2008 (51.23)
  4. Order Up! (51.46)
  5. Chase HQ (53.22)
  6. Art of Fighting 2 (53.26)
  7. Pong Toss Frat Party Games (53.30)                                                                              1+
  • Emails (56.45-1.09.17)
  1. able to cancel submissions? (57.30)
  2. strategy guides on the site (58.23)
  3. can we make canadian companies in provinces instead of states (59.45)
  4. uploading midis of game music (1.00.00)                                                             ***********
  5. iphone app stuff (1.00.57)
  6. stuff somewhat related to vidjya games (1.01.55)
  7. what does the alignment do (1.02.51)
  8. do forum posts affect your wiki rating (1.03.44)
  9. region specific games in the database (1.04.04)
  10. how to deal with free pc games (1.04.37)                                                                   **********
  11. what the heck is up with the occult circles on the splash page (1.05.30)
  12. bombcast merch (1.06.04)
  • shout out to the mods, engineers (1.09.37)

General Notes

  • brad starts it off by caughing all over his mic, thus marking his mic
  • jeff once flew to reno (my town!) to see mortal kombat 3, brad once waited in a mall 12 hours to see the same game