Mount&Blade Warband: Napoleonic Community Events *new*

Much like the seasons, Napoleonic Wars in terms of population density and distribution changes; from the spring-like growth to the niche to summer-like comfortable confinements of regiments. Bad analogies aside; there is a stabilizing effect on the public player population and large chunks are now part of regiments and confined to trainings, regiments events and such. Now, only some North American community organizers seem to accept public players into their events. Sadly, the current state on public enlistment in European events are unclear at this time.

An example of one of the linebattle events:

I strongly suggest that anyone interested to join in on the community events should start by joining in the public regiments before joining an actual regiment.

List of regiments,explanations and videos in the following blog:

Public North American community events

Tuesday Linebattle:,222828.0.html

Friday Linebattle:,225189.0.html

***27/06/12 update: The Tuesday & Friday linebattles are now under the "same banner" and are now regiment invite only, pubs are still welcomed, but are restricted to 25 slots:,236316.0.html

Community event list ( a lot of regiment-only events)

Comprise of both European and North American events (siege, linebattles,conquest and et al) :,222722.0.html


List of Regiments for Napoleonic Wars

A list complied by a Taleworlds forum user link here:,230124.0.html and the actual threads are here:,283.0.html

Joining a active regiment(fancy name for clan) will enable you to join in on the majority of the community's events as oppose to joining in the very few for non-regimental players as a public regiment. Also, there would most likely weekly training sessions imposed once you're in a regiment; this will either bore you and or make you a better player, really depends on the regiment. Overall, both types of regiments can help you see some organized play in Napoleonic Wars , but being in an actual regiment will allow you to be in more.

Community events:,222722.0.html

Here I will embed two videos of a public reg and one example of an actual reg.

Public regiment:

Actual regiment: