Starship Troopers from Signed!

Hello Bombers, Screeners and Testers alike.
Just wanted to make a quick blog post about my wonderful copy of Starship Troopers I won from the Screening Room of ST. I live in the UK so it has finally arrived! I was so stocked to go downstairs today and see a package from Whiskey Media on the floor! I asked Mr Rorie if he would be so kind to get some of the Whiskey Media team to sign the box. Matt very kindly agreed so I want to thank him greatly for this and I wil treasure it for a long time! Sorry folks, no Ebay! I need your help however, 2 of the signatures I cannot work out because I am an iliterate fool! So here is the screenies of the box.

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On the front I can make out Matt Rorie. Yet I am having trouble with the middle and bottom signatures, please help!

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Thanks to Vinny, Will and Norm for signing the back of the box. PS - Thanks Norm for having the coolest signature in the world!

My Summary of Reading / Leeds Festival This Year

  I'm not a festival goer. I went to one Reading festival in my youth and it was not for me. However I still watch as much footage as possible of Reading as the amalgamation of bands and groups is normally great. This year saw the absence of my personal favourite bands like Muse and Bloc Party, however these spots where filled adequately. I am not going to go into Guns and Roses, as that has been overdone in the news, and who the F cares about that idiot Axel Rose anyway. So my highlights are as such: (Links will take you to around 20 - 30 minutes of each bands performance)

5. NOFX - Wow, I never really knew much about NOFX, yet they where very entertaining to watch live. They played some great songs and have great character on the stage.

4. Lost Prophets - I am a huge fan of their early albums, the first being the best. So this was a fairly disappointing set for me because they played lots of songs from their new albums, which appeal to the masses yet I find bland and insignificant.

3. Cypress Hill - Always entertaining to watch, and really nice to see them so far up the list on the main stage. Sadly however the younger audiences of today rather watch Dizzee Rascal and all that new crappy rap that comes out. Therefore when Cypress finished on Rock Superstar none of the audience sang along, a great shame for Rap fans everywhere.

2. Limp Bizkit - Man its great to see these guys back on a stage, they where very entertaining to watch and played some great old songs. Really enjoyed watching this one.

1. Blink 182 - This is the first time I've seen Blink together as a group for SO many years. This was just a brilliant set, the crowd look like they where enjoying it and Blink looked like they had not lost any of their great flavour from the 90's. Best live performance I have seen for a long time.

Other personal notices include Weezer, who declined to have their set filmed, and Alkaline Trio who did not get on a big enough stage to be filmed, which is a shame.

This is MY PERSONAL LIST so do not get angry at me about how I left out Biffy Clyro, The Libertines and the rest because I do not like them.

Hope you enjoyed this.

Mattjam out


Websites I have on my toolbar. UPDATED

 There are very few websites I use constantly, and almost always have at least 3 of these up at any one time:

1. Giant Bomb - Big fan of the guys at GB, they do the best videos, the best reviews, and are by far the most entertaining people on the Internet to date. When they integrate with say, mega64, you get the best podcast of all time. If only they could get Rich Gallup to work there!

2. - Another great site from the Whisky Media group, loads of good videos, really interesting stuff and great, honest reviews of all things technology.

3. - MMos and me have quite a history, and this site has always been my go to site for content and news. Use to be a regular forum user, but have given up that task these days, just do not care for forums anymore!

4. - A great site for really up to date news on the gaming universe. Only site I can refresh every half hour and get some more news, even on a Sunday, they work really hard!

5. Twitter - I do not twitter, or very rarely anyway. Instead I use it for finding out news, or stalking my favourite Internet personalities. Notable Posters I follow would be Jeff, Ryan, Vinny and Brad from Giant Bomb, and of course Steven Fry.

6. - Sign In - Not the most exciting or used, as my Hotmail account was recently hacked and now I have no contents, nor the ability to receive very many emails, however I have had the same email on this account forever, so its kept for nostalgia.

7. Google - Exactly what you would expect, would never dream of using any other search engine, as well as being my current email account.

8. - Gamespot - As much as I hate the corporate crap with GS, they do have some good videos, and often first looks at games, as well as a few good personalities left, such as Justin Calvert and Kevin Van Ord.

9. Facebook - Again, not used very often, as the SP episode sums up exactly how I feel about Facebook, however for the occasional gander into my friends lives, why not.
10. Screened - Another great Whiskey Media site with great personalities and lots of good information and content. Fletch Lives!
11. Starcraft 2 folder - In this folder i have the EU forums, the GB SC2 forums and lots of links to live streams and youtube channels such as HDstarcraft and Huskey