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Will play most anything: 1/23/12

Welcome one and all to my blog! As far as video games go, I will pretty much play almost any of them. My tastes are varied, and I like to think I'm fairly competent at most genres. (Except RTS'. I suck at most RTS'). I will talk about my game of the day, and then maybe other nonsense as I see fit, because it's not like many people will read this or anything, heh. Let us see if I shall keep this up!


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So the other day on steam, flipping through the main page I stumbled across this game and was immediately struck by the slick art style. And the sale. I'm kind of a sucker for those. Watching the trailer on the game page revealed that it's a platformer in the vein of Super Meat Boy. I liked Super Meat Boy! So...


And soon I was playing. Basically, the story is that you are one four badass janitors, and you are tasked with cleaning up it's dangerous environments with as much speed and style as you can muster, beating up leaf-covered animals and other such dangerous uncleanliness related baddies. The tutorial does a good job of teaching you the basic mechanics, which include things like ceiling running, wall jumping and the like.

I HIGHLY recommend a controller, like an 360 controller if you want to play this game. It's playable with the keyboard I suppose, but I found myself doing much better as soon as I switched to the controller.

One thing that should be noted about this game is that it's really hard. It's not necessarily difficult to get through each level, but you only unlock the keys to the harder levels should you perfect the level. This means getting an S rank in both completion and finesse. To S completion you need to make sure that you clean up everything, obviously, and to get the S in finesse you need to have pretty much a perfect combo, which means constantly keeping you your stream of cleaning and baddie-cleaning, while also not getting hit. You don't necessarily need the best speed to do so, but by virtue of the combo system, you definitely can't take your time.

That said, the game is a lot of fun, and oozes with style. The music is calming and yet energetic at the same time, and the four characters are all distinct in their animation and look. I'm pretty sure there are some slight differences between them, the older man with the vacuum cleaner certainly feels different, but one look at the leaderboards (you can even watch replays) shows that all the characters are capable of placing.

I'm pretty terrible at it, but I still had a lot of fun, and I recommend it for fans of games in the vein of Super Meat Boy. Plus it's only $9.99, $8.99 for it's release right now.

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