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Nah, serious horror films do nothing for me, tension building falls flat every time and I just get bored. Seeing something scary on film or happening to someone on film just doesn't translate to personal fear for me . If there's another hook like dark comedy or gore/excessive violence I can enjoy them but there are other films I can get that from so I rarely seek out horror.

I think generally speaking it's a way for people to feel fear within a safe setting, getting that adrenaline rush without really being in any danger. It does work better for me with video games, figure it's because I have some agency in that and it's on me to deal with the shit going on.

Horror video games do absolutely nothing for me... I don't think I played one since Resident Evil 2. All my friends have recommended I try the Dead Space series and I have an Origin Access account so I could... but I've no desire to even allocate the disk space for it.

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Firstly I just want to say I am not knocking horror films but I do have a genuine curiosity. I used to watch them religiously as a kid but when I stopped watching TV and made the jump to the internet I never had an interest in watching them. I would only watch them because they were what was on on Friday nights and my interest in horror movies in general waned on the internet.

I also can't watch horror movies in cinemas because I have this really weird condition where I respond to fear with laughter. I got asked to leave a horror film back in 2004 because I kept laughing hysterically and people complained. The film was called the Exorcist the Beginning and I was 17 at the time. I didn't get my ticket refunded because I never paid for a ticket since I worked there... I just dragged my garbage bag of popcorn into harold and kumar and watched that for the millionth time.

This issue I have happens in 'serious' moments of non horror films. I remember once some girl talked me into going to Harry Potter Deathly Hollows on a first date. I never seen a Harry Potter film and hadn't read one since the fifth grade. There was this big dramatic scene where they revealed the main villain called Voldermort and the moment he showed up on screen I just let out the biggest belly laugh ever. The entire theater looked at me and the girl punched me on the arm telling me to cut it out which just made me laugh even harder. I remember gasping out "I can't help it" as I laughed my way out of the theater.

I personally have a very real reason to not watch horror films but then again I have absolutely no desire to watch them. Normally when I'm not laughing I am just completely indifferent. I can understand their appeal from the business perspective... they're cheap to make and have high returns... but I just can't believe that people actually like this shit. How much of the appeal of Horror movies is genuine and how much is just hype built up by movie producers hoping to make a quick buck?

Do you like horror movies? Why?

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Okay so I have decided not to actually read this topic so I could formulate my own list and see how it compares... this is in no particular order.

La La Land - I have seen this movie probably 10 times since it has come out. My first solo mushroom trip I watched this movie. I absolutely adore this film. To let you know how much I love this film... I actually had the soundtrack playing before I even noticed this topic. What completely sold me on the movie... I can remember... it was an article by some movie website wherein Tom Hanks gushed about the movie at Cannes or Sundance. Then I saw a trailer and learned that Ryan Gosling is actually playing the piano in this movie and there is no double... and then I found out that the iconic scene where in he plays the main song he nailed on the first take. It was just amazing.

The Big Lebowski- I am aware how cliche this choice is but I just absolutely love the banter in this film... anything in this film that isn't expository dialogue or progressing the plot is absolutely genius. It is one of the few movies I can recite every line to.

Brazil - I got into this film because I had just seen the Usual Suspects and wanted a movie with a twist ending. I asked a question on a random forum and this was the biggest suggestion. Not only did this movie deliver a twist ending but it did so in the most terrifying way I could ever imagine. I am a hardcore lucid dreamer and this movie toys with dreams as one of the main themes of the film... so it resonated with me on a deeply personal level. But what is absolutely amazing about this film is the world it is set in. It is this weird dystopian future like world that feels absolutely alive. And while the movie came out in the 80's some concepts are incredibly relevant today.... but I won't spoil it.

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen- I absolutely adored Brazil... which I had pirated. In Netflix I typed in the director of Brazil, Terry Gilliam, and they had this odd film. The most surreal thing about this film, for me, is I saw it the first time with a friend the day before Robin Williams dies. I remember when watching it with my friend we were both taken by surprise that not only is Robin Williams in this film but he plays an over the top God very similar to his role as Genie in Aladdin.

My absolutely favorite part of this film is one particular line. There is this one scene in the film where it gets incredibly abstract... I remember hearing my friend sigh under his breath and then Baron Munchausen says "This is PRECISELY the type of thing nobody believes." And just the timing of it... my friend and I lost our selves laughing. I have gone on to watch it many times since and I actually use a still from this film as my cover photo on social media... the scene where Venus is introduced.... and she's standing on a giant clam with the angles flying out of frame whilst dropping banners... I got chills. Then it slowly pans up to this nude woman with long hair who was just absolutely beautiful. I was taken aback by how great she looked. It was Uma Thurman. I knew she was in the film because of the opening credits but I had figured she was the little girl who is the main character... but I was wrong in the most spectacular way. She plays the God venus and is introduced in the nude. She was 17 when the movie was shot so it isn't completely creepy. I wish I could describe how I felt at that particular scene.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail - I was late to this movie. As I type this I am 31, going on 32 and I 'discovered' the Monty Python films at 27. In fact I watched this film with my friend who also was green to the film. I knew about this film growing up but I sort of stayed away because I used to be a hipster douche that hated things popular and once I got out of high school it became incredibly easy to ignore this film. But Brazil had sold me on Gilliam.

That bit at the beginning with the swallow was perhaps the funniest bit I have ever seen but the hardest I laughed was at this one particular line that was just perfect: "Who are you who are so wise in the ways of science?" which was delivered perfectly after a scene illustrating the silliness of formal logic as outlined by the Greek's. This movie was perfect and it was so awesome to final understand the significance of the Holy Hand Grenade from Worms.

Toy Story 3 - one and two were fine films but 3 absolutely destroyed me emotionally. I was not expecting that ending. I cannot think of an IP out there that ended better than Toy Story... what an absolute joy of a film.

Schindler's List - Another movie that absolutely destroyed me. Ralph Fiennes performance in this film is absolutely chilling. I cannot think of a single movie character that has ever scared me as much as this character and I am including horror films.

Hot Rod - I just love this absolutely silly movie. Just how stupid it is... it feels like they go over the top with stupidity and I love it. The scene where he falls off his bike off a hillside and just keeps falling for like three straight minutes was one of the funniest things I ever seen.

The Other Guys- I feel like this movie gets forgotten about when people speak of what is the best Will Ferrell film and I find that a sin. There are so many funny scenes in this film and the chemistry Wahlberg and Ferrell have works from the hop. Whenever someone in my party of friends inadvertently fires off a shot in a survival game we refer to it as a desk pop... we will say 'aim for the bushes' whenever we storm a place we shouldn't be storming... every squad we run across in PUBG is Dirty Mike and the Boys... this movie. I love it.

Shit... that is 9.

I can't think of another so for my 10th I will just mention a movie everyone seems to love but I absolutely hate.

Fuck Blade Runner

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Man I cannot remember the last movie I watched... according to my Netflix watch history it was Lupin the 3rd: The Castle of Cagliostro back on May 20th of this year and it absolutely pains me because it is an anime movie and I don't typically watch anime outside of Hayao Miyazaki who this movie happens to be by.

It was alright... I think... I mean I honestly cannot remember it and now that I think back I think I fell asleep during it.

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This threads called introduce yourself because obviously

Were going to be fucken! introducing ourselves!

Tell us a little bit about you & what you like to do

Tell us what you like & what you think

Doesn't matter if its about videogames or anything els!

Hi, I am Matt. I actually really like trolling and am writing a book on the subject. I like to occasionally take breaks from trolling to play video games. I'd probably say my favorite method of trolling is playing 'ignorant'. It is where you basically pretend like you have no idea what is going on and just react accordingly. As for how I troll... I am a defensive troll as opposed to an offensive troll. I will never create a topic with the intent of trolling but will gladly drop a deuce in someone else's topic without thinking twice.

I am 32... I really have no hobbies. I have been gaming since December 1990 when we got our NES and my household was an SNES and Genesis household. Got into PC gaming in 1998 with the rise of Half Life and never really gave myself fully to a console since. MMORPGs stole a good chunk of my life. From 2002 to about 2008 I was a 36 hour a day MMORPG player... mostly EQ and WOW. In 2011 or '10 I got an XBOX 360 with the sole purpose to play Skyrim because it was going to be cheaper than getting a new PC. I got all 1000 achievement points in two weeks of playing and abruptly stopped playing my 360 and never went back... haven't even seen the new content that has been released over the years.

Outside of gaming a good portion of my life is dedicated to lucid dreaming... I have been doing that since I was 17 to great success. Also I used to suffer from depression... used to being the operative word. I am a depression survivor and unbelievably fortunate to have defeated the disease.

A cool fact about me... I have been introducing myself in topics like these since the 90's but never once have ever read a post in an introduction topic outside the OP... I just post and leave, like a ghost.

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I just lay there and tell myself that my body rested for 8 hours so while I never technically experienced sleep to someone outside looking in it would at least appear like I slept... which counts for something, I think.

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I'm not going to lie... I don't recognize a single character posted here but I'm old.

To answer the question in your OP... no one is missing; the game features every character ever released in a Smash Bros game.

I am going to assume what you meant to ask which character we would like to see. I'd like to see an iconic character from a Squaresoft game... Frog, Crono, and Geno in no particular order. That is my pick.

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I have never been more ambivalent towards a gaming company than I have with the state of Microsoft right now. I can't even imagine what it would take to get me interested in them.

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So who's fault is it for the Sony and Epic Game's kerfuffle with Epic Games account? I know I should be angry but at who? Sony for their anti consumer practices or Epic Games for not warning us that simply logging onto your Epic account on a friend's PS4 locks it down? I realize both may hold some blame here but who should I really be angry at?

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I recently sold my Nintendo Switch and am boycotting them until Animal Crossing is announced and has a release date.