My Game of the Giant Bomb Year 0001

Back when Giant Bomb’s game of the year plans were unclear, there was a lot of suggestions and speculations about what the Giant Bomb crew should do for their Game of the Year awards. I proclaimed that real years were so last year, and that the GB crew should work in Giant Bomb years, and do their GOTY awards in March, on the one year anniversary of the launch of the Giant Bomb blog site.

Well, this idea was obviously too cool for the staffers to use, but that doesn’t mean I can’t use it, and it happens to be 1 year since GB launched in blog form, so I welcome you to my Game of the Giant Bomb Year Awards for the year 0001 GB. I’ll be listing my best games of the past 12 months. For those of you that are stuck in the past, and are still using real years, that is from March 6 2008, to March 6 2009.

So, sit back, put on your reading glasses and get ready for the best (and only) Game of the Year blog your going to read this March:

10. FIFA 09 – I’ve always been a huge football fan, and that has transferred to football games. The latest game in the FIFA series has delivered pretty much everything you expect from a football game. It has really improved upon everything in 08. My favourite new thing is the 10 Vs. 10 online multiplayer, which is immensely fun.

9. Super Smash Bros. Brawl – I’ve always loved playing Super Smash Bros. games with a bunch of mates. The crazy unpredictable nature of it makes it perfect for playing with friends of mixed gaming abilities, and stops it from getting too one sided. It’s great for a laugh. SSBB is no different, and it expands upon everything that was in Melee.

8. Rock Band 2 – After shelling out a fortune for a set of instruments for Rock Band & Rock Band 2, I’m very glad that this game was good. I’m pretty bad at rhythm games. I have terrible hand eye coordination, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun, even if I’m terrible at it. I'll also put in a honorable mention for the AC/DC track pack, I'm a huge AC/DC fan, and I love being able to play their songs in rock band 2.

7. Braid – Braid is an odd choice for me to include in this list. That is because I absolutely hate it!! I can hardly play it for ten minutes without throwing my controller away in frustration when I can’t figure a puzzle out. But somehow, despite how much it makes me want to kill myself, I find myself always coming back for more. It is an extremely well made, and a brilliant game, and I love it... And hate it at the same time, if that makes any sense whatsoever.

6. Portal: Still Alive – Portal was a genius game. It a fantastic first person puzzle game, with amazing level designs, a fantastically funny storyline, and possibly the best video game song ever. Add some extra levels to that, and make it downloadable on Xbox live, and you’ve got yourself Portal: Still Alive, which definitely deserves a place on my GOTY list.

5. Left 4 Dead – Left 4 dead is a genius game. It is a seamless, amazing co-op experience, that makes you feel like you’re actually in amongst the zombie hoard,  It feels like nothing I’ve ever played before. Despite a lack of content, I never seem to get bored of it.

4. Castle Crashers – I loved castle crashers colourful visuals, and fast paced hack and slash gameplay. I had a tonne of fun playing it. Definitely my favourite downloadable game of the year.

3. Grand Theft Auto IV – Unlike most, I wasn’t excited for GTA IV before its release. After GTA: San Andreas’s insanity, I wasn’t excited for, what seemed like a very mediocre feature set of GTA IV. But when I picked it up, I realized what an amazing game it was. It didn’t need all the insane features of SA, it replaced these with an epic story, that kept me engrossed in the game.

2. Fable II – I’m not usually a fan of Western RPG’s. I find they usually take themselves far too seriously and I can never get into them. Fable II isn’t like this. I got completely absorbed into a really immersive world. Everything in the world seemed so real, and once I was in game, I didn’t want to put down the controller. The only thing that keeps this off the number one spot is the lousy ending. There was no epic boss fight, no brilliant story-based ending. It was all very meh.

1. Banjo Kazooie: Nut’s & Bolts – The latest Banjo game completely took me completely by surprise. It’s a completely unique game, and is completely awesome. The vehicle building works brilliantly, the gameplay is amazingly fun. There’s a huge variety of missions that kept me coming back for more. It’s immensely fun to play. The humour in it is incredibly funny. Oh, and did I mention how fun it is?

So, that’s it. My top ten games of the Year 0001 GB.