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I made some songs which I really like, but nooobody else

So I've been really into my music lately, I think I spend 20 hours last week making stuff that I really like that mean something to me. I've posted them to all my friends and music contacts then I still have like 3 listens on soundcloud...Which are all mine haha. I made a crappy Rihanna remix in two hours going back to my usual club dance sounds and already a few people are raving about that one even though it was made with practically no heart compared to the other more personal ones.

They're obscure as fuck though, I was getting sick of producing shinny commerical music with soo many rules to it that I just went off that completely and made two songs I guess hipsters would now call "post-dub" or "future garage".

They mean a lot to me and took a lot of time and thought, if they found someone who enjoyed listening to them then I'd really appreciate it :-)


My First Demo Tape Finished(?) Free Downloadz!

I've decided this will not be the "final" release of the demo, thus making the current download and stream a "Beta". Going to have another go mixing all of the tracks again (some minor and major edits) stay tuned in about 2-3 weeks for an update 
 Stream and download is below this hefty text blurb 
I haven't definitely given it the green light yet, but I think this will be my demo. I have spend some god damn time composing, producing, and mixing these songs so I feel like I should just let them off into the internets. I wish I could go though and knock out every flaw in them but I have done as far as I can with my current hardware and skillset.  As soon as I go in thinking "I'll just increase the mids of the piano" or something then export it all goes to shit. And the frustrating fact that I've got to export every time I want to listen cause my laptop can't handle the CPU strain of playback: it takes forever.  
So I think it's fair to just let them go, or is it? I'm not sure if their good enough yet? But it's just a demo! That's what they all say .   All these questions and more! I also need to find away to expand the demographic some how, because believe it or not, I get most of my hits from blogging on Giantbomb, yep.    
Here's the run down on the four tracks on the demo: 
  •   Sonata of demise : The  pop song of the album. "Easily my best track" is what people are saying, probably my favourite too. The only track on the demo to include vocals. It takes alot of influence from one of my favourite producers, Yasutaka Nataka, who is king of J-pop electro. But my brother has made comparisons to Fred Falke, Alan Braxe and Calvin Harris. One problem, the name sucks.  
  •  You, me and the sky: The oldest and longest out of the track on the demo. It's a very dynamic song that goes through J-electro, Deep House and Maximal. Think Shinichi Osawa-meets-Pryda-meets-De De Mouse 
  •  Say Sorry: This was the stage I was at when I was completely obsessed with De De Mouse -- "Dancing Horse On My Notes" (mind blowing song). Focuses quite alot on the drums 
  •   Lesbian Milk: Anything but a serious attempt, yet is something usually completely different from what I do. Hardcore House. I don't have alot to say for this one, it's different :/ 
Anyway here is the high quality stream of the entire demo  
  And download at glorious 320 kbps mp3! Here 
I'd love to hear anything in the comments. Thanks!

Help With Making A Song!: Can't Get It Perfect

After hours, weeks and about a month I have finally mastered this bad boy! It still isn't quite perfect but I don't think any amount of mixing will take it further, looking past that it's pretty god damn good now (not intentionally trying to sound arrogant) and I'm happy with it. Either that or I've spend so long doing this I've become insane. I do consider this probably my best song ever made my me and probably will be for awhile. Criticism please! 

Also duders, I need to come up with a better name, the current one sucks ass.   

Original Story 
 Had another go at the mixing of the suggested points from the comments, minor update though, as the mixing has been worked on in slight notches and whatnot. A warmer (for better or worse) more clear mix I guess. The vocals however, I couldn't get the extra boost of presence that's in the MEG song probably due to a bad recording from the microphone. Anyway give it a listen and see what you think. I'm leaving the old mix there to show you where I've gone from, I can't really tell which mix is better but I have a back-up file of the previous mix to go back to. 
I know I've been posting alot of music blogs recently but I've managed to sneak myself a small part in a gig, only a three-song-set, two from my band and one from my solo alias. Point being this is the one I'm going to do on my half 
    I've worked quite a while on this one, it's kind of my "secret weapon" of the soon to be EP I'm going to release (eventually). It's probably my best song I've done albeit, in the genre of electro-popness. But there's still a handful of things I can't put my finger on, the mixing? The layers? I'm not quite sure.  
I'll also
warn you I am not a decent vocalist at all, having to use Autotune when I'm not sure how to use it. And I know theres some slight vocal and bass hiccups in this file of the song, but there just glitches really so try to ignore them.          
I'l get around to every comment if I'm not asleep :P 
I guess in comparison to something I want to achieve It would be something like this 
 ...Yes it is a little queer, but the producer Yasutaka Nakata is probably one of the worlds best in my eyes (also another good name of a song by MEG). It might be abit harsh to compare myself to a world class producer but there you go anyway -- just to show what I'm aiming for.  

My New Song: Like a bag of Smarties.

 Edit: I kind of wrote this blog drunk, having just come back from the clubs when I started to make the song. So sorry if I'm being a douche talking about how chuffed I were with this at that time. 
By the name you can tell this wasn't a serious effort, yet probably turned out to be one of my bests. I have to say I'm proud of the mixing, which I could say is just below professional quality. The reason for this is probably that this song is less original and uses more conventions than I usually do. Non the less, it's still pretty original, fusing stuff like house, breaks, chiptune , trance and hardstyle? Bit of a change for me since I never go passed 130 BPM but here you go. In video game terms it's kind of like Darksiders. Enough of my ranting and raving!  

Some good'ass advice or criticism would be good'ass

New Song!: Coming Back To The Electronic Stuff

UPDATE!!: After about 2 weeks, I think I've finally done justice to the audio mixing. Took so long because of getting educated in terms of clipping, compression, EQ'ing, volume levels and the like -- but it pays off now! Have a listen and see what you think. I'll leave the "Old Mix" there for comparison.  


Original Story: 
It's been about 2 months since I've released anything as my progressing-as-I-go electro act, I guess you could count that song my band rushed but not really (still working on that one). I've got some good stuff in the data banks still being perfected. But here's something I made in the space of 1 or 2 weeks.  
  This goes under something in the spirituality of De De Mouse but to be frank, there's about nothing else like him so I guess the more the merrier. Also more of a chillaxe kind of song. Anyway there's probably some problems still there and I can't notice them after working on this all day (this is where you come in!) so help with some good'ass comments! 

First song my band has created.. I need your guys's help!

UPDATE!! Ok, I have done some more work on it not really taking much advice from the comments and it still probably needs another round of editing. Took it more into the realm of electro, mainly cause I have more experience their, cleaned it up abit and tried re-syncing the vocal (although its a tad bit off on verse 2). Anyhow if you would have another listen to help me iron out the creases, you probably still won't like it if you didn't the first time 

Original Story  
"I know this isn't a music site, but most people on here seem to have a good appreciation of music, and tend to be of actual help. 
 So first song from my band has been sorted and recorded. I spend afew hours producing and mastering it on the laptop but something about it just doesn't make it good enough. So I've only uploaded it on Grooveshark and going to have another crack on the production at the weekend   
From what I hear, there isn't enough dynamics throughout the different passages. I've tried putting in a few synth's in, but it just doesn't fit the mood. 
And I know the vocals slightly off sync and the drums need abit of sorting that I will try to correct aswell" 

Most Progressive Song's Ever? And My New Song

I've made a piece thats friggin' 1-0 minutes long!!!! (well 9:55 on Youtube), it's sooo progressive it may as well be a 4 track EP. But no. Also you may wanna skip parts because of its lengthy length. To celebrate the release I wonder what are the most progressive song's in history
Note: Youtube may still be processing it because of the fres al s te tete
  Trival note: I was watching horror classic "The Birds" on mute while making this song

 Some advice, help and criticism would be would be awesome, as I am still a tadpole in music (lolwut).

New Tunes 30 Sept VOLUME 1

This is something I should have started awhile ago, but never did. I'm a huge music fan, and I am about the least diligent listener. So I tend to move between songs quickly. Thus I set out to blog weekly (hopefully), of my top finds. Now I'm quite a single-genre guy so this may not be for you. Not heavy on the descriptions either since it is more about the music, keeping the summary brief. But I'l find mostly Japanese electro however throw in the odd something else to freshen it up. So here are my finds for this week... 

  A pretty damn  good J-pop song. I'd say this is leaning towards electro-pop and electro-clash as influence. And of course its J-pop, so there's the good production and big hook involved. 
   This is a remix of the first featured song "Brand New Day". From currently one of my favourite artists 80kidz, this is more of "what I'm talkin about" when it comes to genre. Its got a killer riff and manages to move the big hook into poly form. All round a kick ass remix  
 Embedding is disabled for this one, so your gonna have to * gulp* click on the player! This is a helluva euphoric song that is J-pop. It has dance elements like a repetitive fill.  
  This isn't something I have found recently, but something I've only recently liked. First few times I heard this, I couldn't even listen to it all the way through. However if you play it from 2:15, all will become clear....Also by a legend that is Shinichi Osawa.  
  I did promise you guys to throw something in that mixed the genre up, so here you go. My mate from are lounge/ funk band told me about this song. And as he would annoyingly played it every five minutes. That aside; it is kick ass. 
Well that concludes it for Volume 1. To be continued in a week!

My New Child (Song)...Is Kinda Drugtacular?

Peoplez I have too preach...Why have I made a song for the stoned? Maybe one to many cartoons from Gainax..... But that is for you to judge...  
It has a crappy intro and crappy bass because every piece of  software made the bass louder than it was suppose to be. I also made it far too quickly (only a couple of hours) so mistakes are bound, there still is a bit of polish. 

"Would you kindly" send me some criticism on what to make improvements, cheers