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MAV3R1CK: Favorites

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  • The Next great RTS on a console, actually its the first great RTS on a console.

  • The next big thing in shooters on a console. Wait did I mention its made by Cliff Blezinski? That's enough for a reason to buy it.

  • This will be the definitive RPG to date on multiplatform consoles. Just a little preview, and one word: Bethesda. Hey, didn't they make Oblivion? Damn right, and this time they're gonna take 2008 RPG's by storm.

  • This is my most anticipated title right behind Fallout 3 and Gears 2. Just wait till I use the Force on you...

  • Need more? Star Wars meets fighting? Soul Calibur meets Star Wars? Which is it? Nonetheless, i'll be getting this when it comes out in a week.