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<p><p><p>Son/ Father</p><p>Gender: Male/Male</p><p>DOB: 6/23/89 // 4/22/48</p><p>Age: Old enough/ 64</p><p>Ethnicity: Irish/ Italian</p><p>Job: Mathematician/ Grade 14 Customs Officer</p><p>Favorite games: 1. Final Fantasy 7 (ps)/ agreed</p><p>2. Chrono Trigger (snes)/ Resident Evil 2 (ps)</p><p>3. Metal Gear Solid (ps)/ agreed</p><p>4. Metal Gear Solid 4 (ps3)/ agreed</p><p>5. Deus ex (pc)/agreed</p><p>Note: Sephiroth > Kefka (agreed)</p><p>PS: I Changed my user name from SlickWillyJJ to Max Cherry on 4/13/12 in anticipation of the website redesign.</p></p></p>