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GOTY 2015

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  • What a game! The Witcher 3 is one of the most immersive worlds ever committed to polygons. The big, beautiful landscapes are peppered with interesting short stories with deep characters, and horrible monsters. Geralt provided a good straight man to all the bizarre shit that happened in the 100+ hours I spent with the game. The main quest drags in Novigard and the main villains could of been fleshed out a bit more but overall I really enjoyed it. My only complaints are with the combat and a few technical issues but they are very minor when looking at the game as a whole. The first expansion is fantastic so far and I look forward to seeking what CD Projekt RED comes up with next!

  • I never played Fallout 3 past the first few hours, the gray and brown of the capital wastes never called out to me like the worlds in Oblivion, Skyrim, or the newly explored Common Wealth. Fallout 4 provides exactly what I expect out of a Bethesda RPGs; a huge world with interesting locations to explore, and characters to meet. I was disappointed by some of the technical issues and the outdated character animations but that didn't stop me from dumping 50+ hours into the game. The Mystery of the institute was a great way of setting up the world, and characters like Nick Valentine made me want to stay for a while. I do have plenty of complaints about how the main story works out but that didn't stop me of having a great time with the game.

  • MGS V is a weird game, it's a game where you can have your one-eyed dog stab a man and then airdrop a horse to shit in his face, it's in this kind of openness that MGS V shined for me. To put it simply this is the best open world action gameplay I've ever experienced, the world wasn't filled with interesting locations or characters just a mass of outposts for me to go to work on in anyway I saw fit, and that was enough for me.

    I thought the story was shit, the characters were a group of assholes fighting for the gold medal in dickishness, but the top notch gameplay made it one of my favorites this year.

  • Tight controls and beautiful sights make this "metriodvania" one of my favorites in the poorly named genre.

  • Not much to say for this one, just pure fun whether playing or watching, Rocket League is a blast.

  • I got the Taken King bundle with my expectations tempered by the bombcast and ended up having a fun time with the game, great shooting, beautiful art and a decent loot grind made this the perfect podcast game/ time waster

  • I never played the 3rd Arkham game, so I was really in the mood for more Batman when the 4th installment came out this summer, and it sure hit the spot (even though the Batmobile stuff was a bit hard to swallow). The perfect blend of punching and sneaking still worked, and the story had some interesting twists and turns making it a satisfying package.

  • After MK9 I kinda felt bad for Nether Realms, it was so good, which made making a follow up a tall order. MKX delivers on most of what MK9 had, with some cool new characters, and sharp graphics.

  • Some of my favorite game moments happened with some friends, a couch, and Samurai Gunn.

  • Fuck Jacob. That guy sucks.