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No, the sale of used games is not really a problem

I prefer to buy new games. And most of the time I do. Though sadly as a college student, I don't have the funds to continue to buy new games without turning over the ones I do not plan to play anymore. I would much rather just create a collection of games but at the $60 price point I just can't do that. With the knowledge that I can buy a new game at $60 and two months later turn around and sell it for $40 or perhaps more, it is really helpful.

I rarely sell to GameStop, I only do if I can take advantage of their various trade-in % bonuses that they have from time to time. Then sometimes I will trade in to them, or if its a really old game that isn't even worth attempting to sell online. Most of the time I use Amazon, but I don't think GameStop is the devil as some people say. I think it does help a lot of people.

I think that if used games were not sold, the amount of new copies sold would actually decrease. It certainly wouldn't increase in my opinion anyway.