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My backlog... just keeps growing...that's how its supposed to work right...right?

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There be a blog here?!

I didn't realize there was a blog system here. Man, day to day this site just gets better and better.

Anyway... I spent quite a bit of time over at 1UP, more as a lurker but really enjoyed the productions that they put out over there. With the loss of people such as Shane and the 1UP Yours and 1UP Show being gone... I've really no desire to go there anymore. Its a bad week for games journalism, yet again at the start of the new year. I am hoping that those directly affected, can find some peace and solace soon. Preferably a new job... but in the state of the world as it is, who knows when that will come. They deserve it to be really soon though.

Well, this blog system is pretty neat. Really liking Giantbomb so far. I would not be surprised if there is a large influx of people now, which is good (I think). So my wishes go out to those at 1UP, may the force be with you!