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My Gaming Year 2011

Games I've played in 2011

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  • Finished it 16.1.2011 on PC. Really liked the game and and its' style.

  • Finisned on 11.1.2011 on XBox360. I had no sympathy for the main characters, which really hampered my liking of the game. I could not care less if the characters or their loved ones survive. Nice style and improved checkpointing (from the first one). Quite annoying to hear the main character lament the deaths around them, as if they had not done anything to deserve it.

  • Played on XBox360. Really liking the gameplay, but Empire mode could be much more fleshed out rather than just series of Mixes.

  • Going through the game second time, with an imported character. This time playing Renegade, and rather enjoying the Bitch Shepard. Finished my second playthrough on 20.2.2011 also completing all the current DLC.

  • Playing on XBox360. Seems like a huge upgrade to Eco Dragonis. Don't know if I*ll play this to finish as it is really looong. But enjoying my time.

  • Bought from Steam year end sale. Nice little time waster.

  • Finished on 18.1.2011. Been ages since I last saw the movies, but the game still works great. Bit shallow on the gameplay side, but the storytelling is very good.

  • Really nice upgrade to Pac-Man Championship Edition. Even though I'm not really good at it, it's a nice game in small doses.

  • Finished on 7.3.2011. Rather good cover based shooter. Didn't feel like a open world sandbox game though. Rather linear run through the story with no choices.

  • Finished the Challenges finally. They have such a fun music to play.

  • Started a new game (earlier was lvl 21 Siren), now with a Soldier. We'll see if I'll keep playing it regularly

  • Wanted to start my third play through of Mass Effect 2, but realized that upgrading to XBox360 Slim had lost my ME1 save, so decided to start from the beginning once again.