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Games l'm looking forward to

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  • As leader of the biggest Fallout Union at GS, my love for the Fallout universe is immense. The space to explore, and the literal space in Mothership Zeta's expansion for Fallout 3, is huge. There are caves and smuggler hangouts everywhere, and with a trusty companion as your right hand, clearing entire hangouts has never been more fun.

  • I finished SMG 1 completely, 121 stars, a few months ago. I was bored, and I wanted to finish this game completely. The level design is great, and I'm certain 2 will have me going as bonkers as a few months ago.

  • Crackdown 1 was just a lot of fun. No obstacle to high, and no criminal unharmed. Driving was abysmall, but the guns and feel of the game where the except opposite. The game's story was interesting and compelling, and I hope to trow as many cars of buildings as I did in 1.

  • Halo: Reach

    Bungie is awesome, perfectionist and interesting. I have no doubts Bungie will deliver as good of a game as ever this fall.

  • Killing zombies with Frisbee's was just the beginning. Electrified helmets are the real deal.

  • Beyond the fact that I didn't play Gow2 as much as Gow1, I hope 3 will get me back into the franchise

  • Its Portal


    twice as good, twice as hilarious.

    'Nuff said