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Games I Beat in 2011

The list no one will ever read makes its triumphant return for 2011!

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  • Completed New Year's Day, in fact, kicking off 2011 quite well. Tons of fun, though I wish there was a little bit more puzzle solving going on, and more challenging puzzles at that. But I love Raven Software and they are doing what they do best here.

  • I'm not the world's biggest Beatles fan, but holy cow this game is AMAZING. Sorta sorry I waited this long to play it. The presentation is so stellar. Grand.

  • This is really, really remarkable. I liked Fallout 3 okay, but I love this almost unconditionally. Finished the Wild Card path first and have subsequently S-ranked the game, including a Hardcore speed run. Just waiting on more DLC now... UPDATE: Fully S-ranked, including Gun Runners Arsenal.

  • Second playthrough, this time on Veteran.

  • Short, but it got really involving toward the end. Don't care about the multiplayer, but I'll definitely play the story again. Has a lot of good things going on in it.

  • I'll count it since my first game took me longer to play than Black Ops and Medal of Honor put together. This game is INCREDIBLE and I am a total fool for assuming I wouldn't enjoy it.

  • Fuck yes. You know, the demo made me not want to play this. I really disliked the "attitude" of the whole thing, including pre-game advertising. But I took a chance and hell yeah, this game is really fantastic start to finish. I actually think too much is being made of the "crassness" and whatnot. It's not nearly as forced as everyone makes it sounds. This game is great. Loved it.

  • Almost completely terrible from start to finish. The last two chapters are actually pretty good, all things considered, but this game is poorly designed and broken on a deeply fundamental level. It would have to be one hell of a patch to fix everything that's wrong with this game. Very very close to totally awful.

  • Its linearity was a little disappointing, but not entirely avoidable. Definitely needed some story polish, but as a shooter goes, it was really great with lots of neat environments and options in how to approach any given situation. And the multiplayer is surprisingly fun.

  • Clearance at Target! $12! This rules. "Beat" it, saw the credits, but this is a great party game and will get a lot of play in my house. Going for the Microphone Fiend! achievement... UPDATE: Microphone Fiend achieved.

  • Yep. The best.

  • This is definitely the right way to do an arcade port. Tons of options, challenges, modes, drop in/drop out co-op, etc. Good stuff.

  • Not really a huge Green Day fan, but this was pretty fun. Weird going back to some of the Rock Band 2 game mechanics after spending so much time in Rock Band 3, but it's definitely worth playing on Expert Bass (just like The Beatles: Rock Band) for a few achievements. It's Rock Band. No complaints.

  • All right, I'm pretty much caught up on my Rock Band games now. I've had this (and had it exported to 3) for over a year now, but never actually played the story through. The game feels a bit thrown together, but I loved the story mode and thought a lot of its design decisions were really clever. It makes me wish I had a house to decorate in Rock Band 3, and that is sort of crazy talk, so thumbs up.

  • Started this not long after it came out, but only got about half way through and felt like I'd had enough. A co-worker convinced me to start it over and finish it, so I did and it was fun, but ultimately pretty repetitive and the last couple of chapters were downright boring. Good to have finished it, but it's just okay.

  • Ended up being really disappointed in this. Not in the gameplay, which I really enjoyed, but in the story. It started so strongly and was great up through vice, but it took such a major nosedive after that, becoming completely unfocused, betraying the player, and feeling thrown together like they ran out of time. The last act ended up making the entire game feel poorly organized and written. I loved the world and enjoyed a great deal of it, but it left such a sour taste by the end that I nearly feel personally insulted by it. Neat, and a great tech demo, but fatally flawed.

  • Obviously lacking "polish" and "a budget," but I had a really fantastic time with this game. Apes the Modern Warfare games left and right, but the sniping mechanic at its core is solid and makes the game a ton of fun. $5 on Steam well spent.

  • Hey, guess what? This is super fun!

  • An absolutely stunning, beautiful, amazing experience start to finish. Short, of course, but there's no reason not to go back and play the challenges and harder difficulties. It's just gorgeous, incredibly designed, and the best excuse for the Kinect yet. Wonderful.

  • Steam sale! Completely generic but still quite fun overall. Better than Homefront, we'll put it that way.

  • RIP Bizarre! Not a great game, but a really fun one. Had some neat ideas in some otherwise questionable design, but the car chases were great and the story was surprisingly entertaining. Would actually make a pretty good Bond film.

  • This is just a wonderful, wonderful thing.

  • A vastly superior game to the original in every way. One of the best games I've played all year.

  • Buy this game, it is awesome. Honest. I've never seen a Cars movie, doesn't matter. S-ranked, super fun.

  • Got my Super Nintendo hooked back up (right next to my LaserDisc player). Did an 1:40 run through which could be MUCH improved upon. It's been about 10 years or so since I made it through DKC, but I'm back in the groove. Also, this is basically the best game ever.

  • So I usually don't add my iPhone games to this list (it would be a good bit longer if I did), but I'll make an exception here both because I spent more time playing it than many of the other games on this list, and because I beat it literally 15 times over. Every mission, over and over again, and every achievement on top of that. The fact that this little game could keep me playing it for as long as I did speaks to its quality and to just how much dang fun the thing is.

  • Incredible.

  • So I never actually played this game (only got an Xbox last year) and with 3 coming out I figured I'd run through the first two. It's hard to play it fresh now and try and pick out what was original at the time, because so many things have tried to be Gears in one way or another that Gears itself feels pretty uninspired. But while I didn't always enjoy the gameplay, I actually got interested in the story (I know!) and that kept me going. It's a good game, I enjoyed a good bit of it, but it's very hard to pretend it's 2006 again.

  • Okay, so this was a substantial improvement over the first one. Now I see why everyone likes Gears of War.

  • Incredibly involving and well designed, loved it.

  • Holy moly. Okay, so I was not expecting to play this for some time, as I was gonna get MW3 instead and I heard not so great things about the campaign, etc. Well, I got it on a whim and I'm super glad I did because not only is the multiplayer (obviously) rad, but I really enjoyed the campaign, much more than I thought I would. The quicktime events are unfortunate, and the story isn't incredibly inspired, but I think it actually pulled off its story better than some of the Call of Duty games (and this is coming from a COD fan). The two don't franchises don't really need or deserve comparing, but this game turned out to be really fantastic and I probably won't be buying MW3 right away.

  • Better than I expected. The campaign is everything anyone who likes the Modern Warfare games wants out of another Modern Warfare game, so it's fun and everything. But while I don't demand every game I play to be "groundbreaking," this feels more like "more of the same" than any game I've played in a while (and I just played through Gears 1 and 2 back to back). The familiarity is fine, but it really feels like the end this type of shooter campaign. Not because they do it so well (they do just fine), but just because it feels old. All that being said, it's fun, I enjoyed it, the "controversial" scene is maybe the worst thing in the world, and, yeah! Call of Duty. UPDATE: Did another playthrough on Veteran and it was still dumb and still fun.

  • Most likely my game of the year.

  • Yay, I finally got around to finishing Bastion. Definitely going to New Game Plus it soon. Amazing.

  • So I finally gave in and bought a PS3. The deal from Best Buy came with all three Uncharted games and I figure that's a pretty good place to start. Despite a learning curve with the PS3 controls and some pretty frustrating moments, Uncharted was really fun. Obviously nothing but good things heard about the next two, so I'm excited to get started on those.