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Games I Beat in 2013

World's still here. I'm still playing video games.

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  • Brad was right, this was amazing. First game I played on my new triple-monitor PC gaming setup and it was just brilliant.

  • Ended up playing this again on my PC. Really just a great game. Enjoyed the story a lot less this time, quite a bit of nonsense there, but great mechanics all around. It holds up on a second run through for sure.

  • No words. The whole thing is indescribably, overwhelmingly incredible, but the first two hours alone might be better than any other full video game I've ever played.

  • It was more Far Cry 3 gameplay, which was still great. And I probably liked running around in this late 80s low-budget world than I did on the regular island. But man they really blew it with the humor. Really awful in everything but gameplay... hey, just like Far Cry 3!

  • Just as wonderful as I'd hoped for.

  • Genuinely shocked at how good this was. Really hard to beat for $15. Tons of replay value. Smart and funny all around. Loved it.

  • YES

  • I'd been following this game's development for over four years, and the end result didn't disappoint at all. Really wonderful.

  • One of those games that isn't necessarily "great," but is nonetheless incredibly fun. Even after I getting 100% progress (all collectibles and everything), I still wanted to just swing around New York for the fun of it.

  • I did not expect to love this game the way I did. Just fantastic all around. I wish the optional tombs were larger and more involved, but that's one of my only quibbles with it. Incredibly engaging and well designed.

  • FINALLY. Never liked the controls on the PC, finally beat it on the PS3 and Vita. Love it.

  • It says it took me 14 hours, but it felt like 40. Amazing, of course.

  • Pretty disappointed in the story. Rockstar played it very safe, and as a result it's not very engaging. Gameplay was pretty great all around, and it's a wonderful environment to drive around in. But overall it was underwhelming.

  • Probably the best all around Splinter Cell game, and I'm a HUGE fan of Conviction. Truly a shame more people didn't play it. Maybe if they'd made it a next-gen launch title, more people would have paid attention. Nearly unplayable on console, PC finally turned me around to it. Amazing.

  • Good lord. After hating the last couple of AC games, I had zero excitement for IV. Turned out really wonderful. Easily the most fun of the series, eavesdrop missions and all. Very impressive.

  • Beautiful.

  • Definitely wasn't quite what I was expecting. Great storytelling, great illustration of teenage life in the 90s.