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Something strange has happened here...

TWO??!?!?!?!  TWO?!?!?!?!?!?
How in the name of god did I get TWO of these things?????

At least I have a good excuse to dig out this beaut again:

Now go eat your squirrel burgers and drive around in your Yugos, you bunch of cold weenies, you.


For the fans of ALL generations of gaming...

Heidy ho neighbors!

Long time no blog, geez! There isn't a real reason for that I'm afraid. I've just been enjoying playing games alot, which is a decent excuse if I do say so myself. My collection has been building RAPIDLY lately, as those of you who are friends with me on XBL and have seen my bio recently would certainly know.  I figured that owning that many games presents me with lots of different options with what to do when I get bored. Lately I have been lacking the drive to play a game through completion, so I figured out something that pretty much forces me to play through a game: I started reviewing games. Me and a couple of buddies started up a wordpress blog, All-Bit Games, in which we review all types of game, from the newest block-busters, to Intellivision and Jaguar games. I hope that you look around the site, as I know that when I started out collecting games I was always looking to get some opinions on obscure/old games that nobody else seemed to write reviews about. I would just like to get some constructive feedback, as it always helps when you're just starting out something new like this.

Take care guys!


Got a PS3 today...

My PS3 name is... ahem... MaypoMan, and I would be more than happy to play a game with you guys, so send me a friend request. Some local guy was selling his 80 GB with 2 Sixaxis controllers, 1 Dualshock, MLB 08 The Show, and Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds. It came in the box and was in like new condition, and I was able to talk him down to $450. Sweet. I was very lucky and am extremely grateful that I was able to get such a good deal on a nice PS3.


So... (hey, look at that! No terrible pun about a bomb!)

Formerly zelda450 of the Spot, praise be to Jesus I am finally able to get rid of that horrid username.  If you know me, leave a comment so we can become friends, If you don't know me, comment anyways, it's always great to meet new people!

Lolz, look at what I can do :D


Weird song, even weirder video.