I finished L.A. Noire, and... (Spoilers)

This post contains SPOILERS!!  

I have to say, I’m pretty disappointed with how the game ends. The game does have a great pace as you play, but the switch up to playing Kelso and Phelps being demoted was a surprise to me. The cases in arson are interesting in the fact that the evidence leads to a bigger conspiracy. These parts of the game gave the pace an interesting change. Also the flashbacks throughout start to make sense as the pieces are put together, same with the newspapers discovered throughout.

At the end of the game, the story doesn’t give a good sense of closure. Phelps gets killed, a funeral service is held for him. THE END. What about the rest of the conspiracy? What happened to the rest of the players involved and did the project get stopped? Thanks a lot for a bad sense of closure. For the last few games from Rockstar, they ended on a high note but didn’t leave players hanging.

This can lead to a few things. Team Bondi are planning to continue the conspiracy in a sequel or that’s that, take it as you will. I’m not a fan of this type or story telling, but what are your thoughts on this?